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We’re fascinated by the imagination that went into the design of this unusual, truly multi-purpose tool. You can think of this as a set of useful tools that may be connected together to make other tools. Each tool is a section of a long handle: flashlight, screwdriver, spike, knife, shovel/entrenching tool – all of which can be screwed together.

The tools provided include: flashlight; emergency beacon; shovel/entrenching tool; three saws; knife; firestarter flint; bottle opener; spike/spear; screwdriver; phone charger; tourniquet; whistle; ruler and paracord. See below for full details.

Everything packs down into a 4 x 7 x 12" camo carry pack with a shoulder strap, weighing just over 5 lb. It’s a superb emergency kit for your car trunk on a road trip.
Additional Info

There are five sections that screw together to form the handle:


Apart from being a regular flashlight, the flashlight can be used as a red emergency beacon or an area light. Assemble the long handle with the spike or the shovel at the bottom and it becomes a raised area light – like a standard lamp. The flashlight has a magnetic base and four light settings: low and high power, steady flashing, and SOS signaling. It is rechargeable (it takes standard lithium rechargeables) with a 4-led charge level indicator, and it has a USB outlet that can be used to charge phones etc. The electrical connections are safely located inside the weatherproof casing.


The screwdriver section of the handle has interchangeable flat and crosshead bits.


The spike section holds a barbed spike that can be used as a window breaker, walking spike, fishing spear or ground spike. The spike can be switched with the firestarter flint for ease of handling the flint.


The knife section has a straight knife blade with a saw on the back. Of course there’s also a fish hook remover and a bottle opener.


Shovel/Entrenching Tool
The shovel blade isn’t just a shovel or an entrenching tool: it is also an axe, a 10 cm ruler and a saw. The kit actually has three different saws: the coarse one on the shovel blade, a finer one on the back of the razor-sharp knife and a saw chain with finger rings.


The kit also contains a tourniquet, paracord, firestarter flint, emergency whistle and two insulating handle covers.

Technical Memo

Click Here to Download a PDF* formatted informational / instructional sheet. (*Note: Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

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