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Mobile Emergency Kit
$ 179.9500
We’re fascinated by the imagination that went into the design of this unusual, truly multi-purpose tool. You can think of this as a set of useful tools that may be connected together to make other tools. Each tool is a section of a long handle: flashlight, screwdriver, spike, knife, shovel/entrenching tool – all of which can be screwed together.

The tools provided include: flashlight; emergency beacon; shovel/entrenching tool; three saws; knife; firestarter flint; bottle opener; spike/spear; screwdriver; phone charger; tourniquet; whistle; ruler and paracord. See below for full details.

Everything packs down into a 4 x 7 x 12" camo carry pack with a shoulder strap, weighing just over 5 lb. It’s a superb emergency kit for your car trunk on a road trip.
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