Monkey's Fist Key Holder

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Monkey's Fist Key Holder
Solid brass, and virtually impossible to lose
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86A03.09 Monkey's Fist Key Holder

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This Solid Brass shackle looks great and easily holds many large keys. ‘Monkey’s Fist’ was the nickname given by sailors to the decorative nautical knot which gives this key holder its unique appearance (and, incidentally, helps to keep it from ever getting lost). This is a real “handyman’s special”.

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Overall Rating
  • perfect for boating

    janice, 2/17/2017 Bought one key chain for my husband for our new boat then realized that we have 2 keys so I bought another - we love them... very sturdy ...
  • muy bien garret

    jesus ochoa, 2/17/2017 impresionanteeeeeeeee
  • Monkey's Fist Key Holder

    Craig , 2/17/2017 Excellent salty sea-dog item. . . I especially appreciated the authentic cotton line fancy work being a former U.S. Navy frigate First Lieutenant. Did have to enlarge a keyhole to fit through the brass shackle pin as it is a bit thicker than most key rings.
  • monkey knot key chain

    steve, 2/17/2017 looks great and you do not lose tour keys
  • Perfect gif for the sailer in your life.

    Kellimoran , 8/19/2016 This is a perfect gift for the sailer in your life.
    It's a monkeys knot of impeccable quality. Looks like it would be around for generations.
  • Love it

    Helen, 10/27/2014 Love the Monkey Fist but the u-bolt pin is too thick for hold the keys so I combined this key holder with the Key Ring and Knife kit which holds keys directly on the pin. Works great.
  • Sailor's Knot

    Mountain Woman Stargazer, 6/16/2014 As a retired sailor, I know knots, and this is an authentic Monkey's Fist. In the Navy's early days, when ships were powered by the wind, it was used to weight the end of the messenger line sent over from one ship to another whenever a package was being sent between ships while underway. It continued to be used by our modern Navy up until a few decades ago. Of course, those were much larger; but the workmanship is the same. This one is well made. I highly recommend it to others who have an interest in naval history.
    Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner June 2014 Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner. Congratulations, Portia!!
  • Monkey Fist Keyring

    Stella Keppler, 12/10/2013 I think this keyring is so unique and I really enjoy carrying it.
  • Satisfied

    Wendell Raby, 12/8/2013 Cannot imagine tying monkeys fists for a father did in WWII on Midway Isle. Not been able to figure out how he did I bought several for dissection..and a lead sinker and you can zip tie up lines over great distances. Very handy in rough seas. So, its more than a key chain novelty....hopefully an answer to a lost skill. Ironically, most yachtsmen questioned have no idea what a monkeys fist is used thought it was a mixed you cannot recover from once imbibed..god, is there no limit to depravity.
  • Very Nice and Durable

    Les H, 6/27/2013 You will like the feel and the size.
  • Quality Monkey-Fist

    Dale Payne, 2/24/2013 The workmanship is evident. The knot is the Monkey Fist", well tied with good cordage. The double line is wrapped in a very nice "Dragon's Tongue", and a "Turk's Head Knot" cinches it down so the shackle stays centered. Despite made in China, a very well made and quality key-chain fob."
  • Key Chain

    Patrick, 1/1/2013 I went bananas for the monkey fist key chain.
  • Perfect

    Mary Lou Philpot, 1/3/2012 Very unique and strong keyring holder; perfect for outside storage shed
  • Monkey's Fist Key Holder

    Monk, 9/18/2011 Won't go out on my boat without it. Also wouldn't put more than 3 keys on it, maybe even just 2.
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