Multi-Function Coping Saw

Multi-Function Coping Saw
Thin blades cut in all directions
Uses a variety of special blades to be able to cut a wide variety of materials
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10A01.02 Special Coping Saw with 2 blades

Available 07/11/2016

Regular Price: $33.50

Special Price $23.95

10A01.03 Replacement Titanium Blades (2)

In stock

Regular Price: $19.90

Special Price $16.50

10A01.04 Replacement Steel Blades (2)

Available 07/11/2016

Regular Price: $9.80

Special Price $7.50

10A01.05 Optional Diamond Blade (1)

Available 07/11/2016

Regular Price: $39.95

Special Price $29.95

Instead of the usual flat steel blades, this unique tool (designed and made in Japan) uses round blades with cutting surfaces 360° around the core.

Standard is one titanium round blade for steel, aluminum and tough plastics, and one steel round blade for wood, aluminum and plastics. An accessory round diamond blade is available for special use on glass, hardened metals and ceramic tile.

The standard steel and titanium blades have a diameter of only 1/32" and the accessory diamond blade has a diameter of 3/64" making them suitable for the most intricate work. The end of every blade is held in a steel "loop" for security. The frame can also be used with standard pin-type flat coping saw blades. This is a terrific tool and is highly recommended for all serious DIY work. Frame made in Japan; blades made in USA.

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  • Great but breaks easily

    Yori, 1/1/2013
  • amazing

    daniel, 6/6/2011 these amazing tool is woderfull for cutting and making things.
  • Spiral-Cut Coping Saw Blades

    Randall C Robertson, 12/18/2010 Nicely made, unique attachment system. Maybe I'll get more proficient with accurately starting the cut with use, but for now the saw jumps laterally (to the right) when drawing the backstroke. As promised, there is no need to turn the bow in order to change direction in the kerf. Still, at this point, I will be more likely to use a standard coping saw or fret saw (I have both) when making precise cuts, e.g., dovetail pins and tails.
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