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Multi-Function Digital MultiMeter
$ 79.95
How many times have we wished (while heading back yet again to the toolbox) for one tool that could do it all. This digital multimeter with built-in infrared thermometer may not do literally everything, but it sure packs a lot of functions into a small, easy to use and very affordable package. Professionals and serious homeowners know how useful this tool can be in all kinds of situations.

In addition to expected multimeter functions, such as continuity testing, AC/DC Voltage, current resistance, and testing diodes, it can quickly read temperature from a safe distance. This comes in handy in all kinds of scenarios. Troubleshoot hot spots on pipes, test accuracy of thermostats, know the temperature of motors and electrical panels without contact. Also features a temperature probe for getting into hard to reach or enclosed areas like HVAC ducts. The rugged design is laid out simply, so that you can easily select any function and comfortably see the readout.

Comes fully equipped with test leads, temperature probe and a 9V battery and is input fuse protected. Incredibly useful and versatile in home or shop.

The functions are:
AC and DC Voltage
Diode test
Duty Cycle
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