Nail-Jack Extraction Tool
$ 0
We regret that the manufacturer has ceased production of these nail pullers. We are testing alternatives and will be offering replacements, but this can be a long process.
As a suggestion, please check out another style of Heavy Duty Nail Pullers
that we carry.

Popular Mechanics has awarded the Nail Jack its prestigious Editor's Choice Award as a, "fresh new hand tool in a category that rarely sees true innovation." Designed like pliers, this unique tool does most of its work with one hand, or can be struck with a hammer to dig out a buried nail head. Even if the nail has no head, this tool does its work effortlessly with its gripping jaws and built-in fulcrum. It's truly a tool-for-all-seasons in demolition work. The smaller size is more suitable when removing lots of small brads.
We are sorry, this product is currently unavailable.
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