NATO Certified Kerosene Lamp
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This is not just any Coleman-at many times the cost, it had better not be. Made to MilSpec standards, it is routinely used by the British Army in the field, and meets all NATO requirements for pressure lamps for light and heat output and for quality. We love this one.

Designed to work using kerosene as a fuel (much less expensive than more volatile fuels, and safer and easier to transport). The bowl and major external parts are solid brass, with all threaded fittings carefully machined to a high standard. This is beautifully made. Using only about 20 initial strokes of the internal pump, the lamp will burn with a very bright light for 11 hours at full power (and much longer at lower power levels) and it gives off substantial heat - both important army requirements, and no less helpful on any campsite. The lamp is 13-1/2" high. Base is 6-1/4" wide.

This is a very handsome lamp. Its quality, superb function, and sturdiness make it an excellent value - even at this relatively high cost. Those of our customers who know about pressure lamps will especially appreciate its ruggedness. Comes with 2 mantles (one in place plus a spares).

Some Narrative Background: Made in the UK for decades in Glasgow, the firm ceased production five years ago and this beautiful lamp became unavailable. About a year ago, a South Korean engineering firm acquired approached the defunct firm and ultimately purchased the technical drawings, historical knowhow and parts stock and the rights to the product. We were aware of this and watched the progress with great interest. In the end the Korean firm has triumphed, making a lamp that is a perfect replica - in fact, even better than was made in the UK. We are very happy with the results. It's an unusual find and we're proud to be able to bring back it to you. Full instructions provided.

The Reading & Ceiling Shade is an exceedingly useful accessory. Drops in place over the top and is just as easily removed. White on the underside, it throws the light down.
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