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NATO Certified Kerosene Lamp

4.5  ( 6 Customer Reviews )
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This is not just any Coleman—at many times the cost, it had better not be. Made to MilSpec standards, it is routinely used by the British Army in the field, and meets all NATO requirements for pressure lamps for light and heat output and for quality. We love this one.

Designed to work using kerosene as a fuel (much less expensive than more volatile fuels, and safer and easier to transport). The bowl and major external parts are solid brass, with all threaded fittings carefully machined to a high standard. This is beautifully made. Using only about 20 initial strokes of the internal pump, the lamp will burn with a very bright light for 11 hours at full power (and much longer at lower power levels) and it gives off substantial heat - both important army requirements, and no less helpful on any campsite. The lamp is 13-1/2" high. Base is 6-1/4" wide.

This is a very handsome lamp. Its quality, superb function, and sturdiness make it an excellent value - even at this relatively high cost. Those of our customers who know about pressure lamps will especially appreciate its ruggedness. Comes with 2 mantles (one in place plus a spares).

Some Narrative Background: Made in the UK for decades in Glasgow, the firm ceased production five years ago and this beautiful lamp became unavailable. About a year ago, a South Korean engineering firm acquired approached the defunct firm and ultimately purchased the technical drawings, historical knowhow and parts stock and the rights to the product. We were aware of this and watched the progress with great interest. In the end the Korean firm has triumphed, making a lamp that is a perfect replica – in fact, even better than was made in the UK. We are very happy with the results. It's an unusual find and we're proud to be able to bring back it to you. Full instructions provided.

The Reading & Ceiling Shade is an exceedingly useful accessory. Drops in place over the top and is just as easily removed. White on the underside, it throws the light down.

Customers Ratings and Reviews
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Overall Rating :4.5 
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5  - 
Great Lamp
Reviewed By:   (Conger Township, Ontario) 
Great Lamp. We live off grid for four weeks a year and have used this along with other lamps for decades. While not as finished as an Aladdin, they are as sensitive to conditions (fussy).

5  - 
Simple and Reliable
Reviewed By:   (Roseburg, OR) 
This is indeed the finest pressure lantern I have come across. It is relatively easy to operate and very reliable. The workmanship is superb and it looks great hanging from the ceiling in my living room. Unfortunately my lantern arrived with a broken glass but the company is replacing it.

5  - 
Reviewed By:   (Aberdeen, SD) 
If you like pressure fuel lanterns, Vapalux is the best lantern meeting more pros than cons compared to the others. This is old school quality meant to last a few life times. Now, you may have considered the Petromax, but the Vapalux simplicity, quality construction, and comfortable light output just leaves one in awe. This lantern takes a two hole mantle - you can custom make single hole work too by cutting another hole and using a thin wire to wrap. Provides adequate heat from the hood ... so works as a heat source. Kerosene, absolutely safer than gasoline/white gas ... you do not have the explosive gas fumes that can occur with a leak. The lantern requires a 2 to 3 minute preheat with denatured alcohol. Also note, these lanterns are no longer made in the UK (they went to battery) and production was sold off to Korea. Keep in mind parts have become harder to locate. There is a custom vaporizer tube that uses a modified petromax tube (irony yes, but you pull good ideas in when possible) which allows the tube to be serviceable and minimal cost to replace just the jet tip (250 tip). I have always come back to and rely on my Vapalux lantern for camping or emergency uses. I do like the petromax (light powerhouse of lanterns), but have always required more service and some of the gasoline conversions have been simply dangerous. Coming across Garrett Wade store front with the NATO spec model, I just had to comment ... get one while you still can. Gets attention at the campsites too!

1  - 
Still waiting for parts...
Reviewed By:   (Potsdam, New York) 
Rather costly lamp came with NO instruction booklet; short one mantle; and no alcohol-squirter for pre-heat unit. John Wolfe (Cust Svc) very nicely promised to send these to me -- and I received a photocopy of instructions -- still, no mantle or squirter. If/when I ever get these -- then I'll be able to use lamp and hopefully write a complete review. Gal I spoke with initially in Cust Svc told me it would be "5-7 days" for a response when I immediately rang the shortages; fortunately, Mr. Wolfe rang that afternoon. BUT -- as stated, I haven't received the mantle or pre-heat squirter; frankly, will have to think long and hard before another Garrett Wade order comes from me...

Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
We are sorry that you didn’t receive the parts that you needed. We can assure you that you will receive everything you need within a day or two.

5  - 
Best Lantern Ever Made
Reviewed By:   (Castleton, New York) 
Although I did not purchase a NATO Certified Kerosene Lantern from you, I could not resist a comment. These have been manufactured by various makers for a very long time. I have owned three of them most of my life and bought my first one back in the 1950's, possibly from L.L. Bean. These lanterns will give you a lifetime of service, are extremely well made and throw the brightest light you imagine. I would recommend them as the very best lanterns that you will ever find and are worth every penny.

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