Natural Bird House & Bird Feeder

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New Natural Bird House & Bird Feeder
Made From Solid Birch
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63A03.01 Birch Bird House

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63A03.02 Birch Bird Feeder

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63A03.10 Both Natural Birch Bird Items

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This set of matched birchwood bird items will provide shelter and sustenance to birds in winter and spring seasons. The Bird House is 5" wide and 11" high and its interior is hollowed out by 4" to provide a secure nesting area. About one-third of all birds in our middle latitudes use hollows for nesting if available. The Bird Feeder (5" wide and 6" high) has six 1" diameter feeding stations.

Northern European forests are rich with beautiful large Birch trees, and a Latvian company has harvested some to make these beautiful items for us, under the guidance of bird experts. Since birds are “chance seekers,” who take advantage of what is available, many would love to find these items. Both are totally natural and give us a chance to watch our feathered friends at work. Great unique gifts.

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