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Sale Natural Horn Hair Comb
Hard-to-find - except from Garrett Wade
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02D07.10 Large Dresser Horn Comb

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02D07.11 Mustache Natural Horn Comb

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02D07.12 5 in Pocket Natural Horn Comb

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02D07.13 6-1/2 in Purse Horn Comb

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02D07.14 Small Beard Natural Horn Comb

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02D07.20 Set of All 5 Natural Horn Combs

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Special Price $144.90

02D07.30 Set of 3 Natural Horn Combs

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Regular Price: $103.35

Special Price $93.50

Horn combs are virtually unavailable now. Most combs are either made of plastic, rubber or some artificial material. And because Horn Combs are so rare now, little is remembered about how good they are to use and how nice they are to our hair and scalp. They absorb oils, do not produce static electricity and are much easier to use, even on tangled hair.

We have found a firm in France that still makes one-piece combs of natural horn entirely by hand, using 36 individual steps - pressing, sawing, cutting and intensive hand polishing. The result is a comb that is rounded and smooth.

Proof of the use of natural horn lies in the fact that every comb has a very slight lengthwise curve. Because this is a natural material, significant variations in grain and color and in size should be expected. Get a set of all five for yourself, friends or family. The Set of 3 includes the 5", 6-1/2" and Dresser combs. See below for sizes. Made In France.

The Mustache and Small Beard Combs are also available with Safety Mustache Trimming Scissors as the Master Grooming Set.

Making the Case for the Natural Horn Hair Comb
Large Dresser Comb, (3-1/2" comb section, 7-1/2" long overall with handle)
Mustache Comb, (1-3/4" comb section, 4" long overall with handle).
Pocket Comb, (5" long).
Purse Comb, (6-1/2" long).
Beard Comb, (3-1/2" long).

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Overall Rating
  • Six Inch Natural Horn Hair Comb

    C. Lynwood Smith Jr., 3/18/2017 The six inch horn comb is an excellent product. Your shipping costs for such a small item, however, are OUTRAGEOUS. Consequently, the next time I need such a comb, I will look elsewhere.
  • Horn comb review

    Michael F. Byram, 2/23/2017 3rd horn comb I've purchased, best quality and reasonably priced, compared to others. I prefer to use it as a pocket comb because of it's size and thickness. Should fare well and be quite durable in it's leather sheath
  • They like these Combs too!

    Michael, 1/17/2017 Given as gifts to daughters that loved the first Horn Hair Combs
  • Great Combs

    Michael Lyons, 1/3/2017 My 3 daughters have all said they like the combs. I suspect that they are angling for more of the same. Which I will order......
  • Comb your hair!

    Carlee's Grandpa, 1/2/2017 It's true that there's no static electricity with these combs, a real plus for me. The tooth spacing works well for me, the comb seems to glide through my hair easily. The look of the natural horn from which the comb is made is special. Keep it in the provided sheath to protect it from damage if it's dropped. You'll be glad to own one of these.
  • Bone Pocket Combs

    Michael Rybicki , 12/24/2016 These combs are far superior to any others and, when considering the quality, are priced fairly.
  • Perfection

    M, 12/1/2016 Well made. Exacting as described. Will order more
  • Great Combs

    Lexi R, 11/17/2016 They aren't all the same pattern or same type of horn. They are are also a little small, and rough so they scratch your head. However the quality and coloring is nice. I bought them for my husband and he loves them.
  • Good product, good quality

    The Researcher, 11/10/2016 The large dresser comb is an excellent comb. My wife loves it so far. It is exactly what I was looking to get for her. It feels of great quality and came in a nice protective sleeve that I wasn't expecting. It feels slightly fragile, so it is pertinent to take good care of it, like anything of high quality.
  • Too small

    Nancy, 10/21/2016 I returned the comb as it was much smaller than I anticipated and the teeth were too close together for fuller thicker hair like mine. Also, it seemed very fragile so I was almost afraid to touch it.
  • Elegant horn combs!

    Carl, 3/18/2016 Horn combs are excellent items to deal with hair, not only on the head but also facial. Combs are stylish and of excellent quality--probably lasting a lifetime.
  • Agree: Too Fragile

    JC, 3/3/2016 Bought this for my wife who has very thick, bushy hair (*I* should have it so good). She liked the comb in that it was not one of those divided into two sections for thick and fine hair. However, 2 weeks later, it was knocked onto the bathroom floor and the two end teeth broke off. She could still use it, but it was like after the first dent in a new car, it was just not the same.
    I bit the bullet (not with the broken teeth!) and bought another. Now I take care of it for her like it is a Ming vase.
    Otherwise, it is a great comb. Just carpet the room you use it in!
  • I love this comb!

    Richard D. Bell Ph.D., 3/3/2016 This is a superb product. It's a good example of fine personal care products as they were 100 years ago. we are indeed fortunate to be able to purchase items of this quality now.
  • Excellent Product

    Vilma Shima, 5/3/2015 This is an excellent product that I would always recommend to my family and friends to buy. Keep up the great work! Thank you.
  • Too Fragile

    Ralph, 2/8/2015 Nice comb but too fragile. One accidental drop on the bathroom (tile) floor and two teeth fell out.
  • Feels Good, Looks Delicate

    Me, 1/28/2015 I ordered the 6.5-in purse comb and a 3.5-in Olina from Amazon (about half the price) to see if I could tell if the Olina was real horn. It's been a month, and I'm not sure one way or the other: both feel better on my scalp and through my hair than my old plastic comb, but I know that wood combs also create less static, so this isn't conclusive. This French comb is carved very thin, with square tines instead of the rounded ones I'm used to. It does, as the description mentions, have a slight curve. It has held up fine, but it just looks so delicate that I'm worried I'll snap it. The Olina, on the other hand, is about twice as thick, has no curve, and feels less breakable. So I haven't come to any conclusions about horn, but one thing is clear: anything is better than plastic!

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Purse Horn Comb. We can assure you with absolute certainty that it is made of natural horn.
  • Elf's Comb

    Steve Bauserman, 12/28/2014 Got this for my Chinese daughter-in-law who has very long black hair. She really liked it as did her mom who had apparently been telling her to get a nice comb since her baby had been born a few months ago. Also, the comb wasn't made in China!
  • Dresser Comb

    Stanley Schaper, 11/18/2014 The comb has a different appearance than the catalogue but it is still very elegant and practical at the same time.
  • Good Hair

    Steve, 10/28/2014 It's great to find a comb that's not PLASTIC! This comb doesn't pull on your hair thus less loss of hair!!
  • My Girlfriend Stole It.

    Dewain Delp, 8/2/2014 I bought it. I loaned it to SO. She stole it. I am going to buy another one.
  • Comb Back Again!

    L Michel Francoeur, 7/7/2014 A comb very gentle for me and my hair. Ivory is what I needed.
  • Mustache Comb

    Russell, 1/20/2014 These are nice natural combs. Mine came in with a chipped tooth as bone is a little fragile. However the comb works wonderfully and will be well used for years to come.
  • Elegant

    A Lynch, 12/29/2013 This comb is beautifully made. It has an old world elegance about it. I only wish it came in an 8 inch size as my husband has quite large hands so it is a touch on the dainty size for him but overall it is a lovely item.
  • Smaller Than Expected

    Debra Brillati, 12/10/2013 The quality of the comb is wonderful but it just seemed a lot smaller than I expected, even though it measures the promised 6 1/2 inches. Both ends of the comb were more solid (had fewer tines) than expected so the actual combing area" is smaller."
  • Poodle Puppy Size

    Carla Cole, 12/2/2013 These scissors are a great size for trimming the faces of my miniature poodles. I don't know how well the blades are going to hold up, but they look good and cut well. I notice the screw slot has been mechanically distressed somehow, but hope never to need to touch it anyway. The blunted tips are reassuring around puppy eyes! I like the gold handles - feel good in my hand. I'm happy with these scissors. Nice and sharp.
  • I Like My Comb

    Anna, 10/26/2013 I like my comb. It's pretty to look at. And of course it works well as a comb. Because it was so pricy I am going to take better care of it than a plastic comb and as a result will only have one or two and not ten strewn around the house. It will make a good present for my family too, who don't like a lot of stuff but only a few things that take little space. It does look so much like plastic, though, that it's no wonder manufacturers have started to make plastic combs the minute this was possible.
  • I'am so proud

    Hurbert Pitts, 9/21/2013 This Mustache comb is a must have for men who are serious about grooming their mustache.You only get one chance to own one. Buy now!
  • Not Useful

    Christopher Durham, 4/29/2013 The teeth on the fine" end of this comb are so broad and square that it utterly refuses to actually comb my hair - it just slides over without penetrating."
  • World's Best Pocketcomb

    Chris The Train Guy, 3/10/2013 These combs are the finest extant. They are beautifully crafted and show natural swirls and color patterns that are inherent in natural bone. Much like legal ivory and Stag horn, it is probably only a matter of time before these combs will be unobtainable! I am ordering the larger dresser " size also,while I still can!!! P.S. To test for REAL bone,horn,or ivory,heat a needle over a flame until red hot,and press point in an inconspicuous spot. PLASTIC will melt,natural horn,ivory etc.will be unaffected and undamaged."
  • Animal horn comb 6 1/2 inch

    Mr. Chris, 1/6/2013 I ordered the 6 1/2 inch animal horn" comb here online from Garret Wade. I read the other reviews and based on them made the purchase because the feedback was all positive. My comb arrived fairly quickly , but upon inspection was very chintzy. If I'm going to spend 40 bucks on a comb , I better be very impressed with the quality. All in all , I think that its plastic. I really do. I would have been better off getting a $8 one from somewhere else... Oh and the pouch it comes with is actual leather but its not very good either... buyer beware.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your above review on the Purse Horn Comb. We are sorry that it is not to your satisfaction. We can assure you that it is indeed made of natural horn. However, if you wish to return it for a refund, please feel free to do so using the return label that came in the package. If you need a label, please let us  know and one will be sent to you. Again, our apologies for the inconvenience."
  • The BEST combs

    Kitty Barber, 12/13/2011 There is nothing better than a horn comb to use on the hair. No static, of course, but beyond that, it feels and looks beautiful. These are so hard to find in the U.S.--I am happy to have discovered Garrett Wade for this, and other fine objects I'd become used to in Europe. Thank you!
  • Not much looking but great

    Vasya, 2/21/2011 It says in description that comb has a very slight lengthwise curve-it's not quite true, it has a great curve. Still when you comb your hair the feeling of very soft but firm material. You have to try in order to understand it. Buy them before they gone forever.
  • Best Comb

    Joe, 1/26/2011 GW got it right with these combs. They are simply the best combs available. You will never use cheap, plastic combs again.
  • Best Comb Ever

    Nancy, 12/4/2010 Purchased this comb as a replacement for my husband (he lost the one we purchased several years ago). He loves the comfort of this comb. It also is very durable. With the small sleeve, it stays unharmed, although he carries it in his pocket with keys, change, a knife, etc.
  • Horn Hair Comb

    Robin, 9/5/2010 Purchased the 6 1/2 inch comb as a gift for a treasured friend, absolutely beautiful, great quality and even a leather case, wonderful price, he loves it!
  • Quality Combs

    Rew, 4/16/2009 I purchased the 6 1/2 comb. It is the finest comb I have ever seen. Durable,functional. It should last a lifetime.
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