Nautical-Style Desktop Set

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Nautical-Style Desktop Set
an aid to our daytime dreaming – for the soul and good mental health
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48B01.01 6" Pocket Telescope

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48B01.02 Compass/Magnifier

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48B01.03 4" Hand Magnifying Glass

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The 4" diameter Hand-held Magnifying Glass (2.25x magnification; 20 cm focal length) with its hardwood handle is a staple we all can use. The classic Small Compass has a fold-out magnifying lens in its base, plus it’s also an excellent paper weight. The 6" collapsing Telescope isn’t of much of a telescope because of its size (about 2 power) but it works and looks nice and comes in a tropical hardwood box which you can put in a drawer if you want to leave the scope out on your desktop (as this writer would). All-in-all, these are not going to much to improve your efficiency but may have a positive effect on your creativity if you let yourself benefit from a little dreaming. We like these a lot on general healthy principles.

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