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New Zealand Peasant Knife
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New Zealand Peasant Knife

Will do just what a knife is supposed to do - cut all day
A Personal Cutting Tool That's As Simple As They Come
Stock Number Item Description Availability Price Order Qty
04D02.01 Black Peasant Knife
Expected by 5/5/2015
04D02.02 Yellow Peasant Knife
In Stock $19.95  
04D02.03 Leather Belt Sheath
In Stock $8.95  
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We've discovered a knife maker in New Zealand that, using centuries-old German techniques in heat treating and grinding high-carbon steel, is producing simple knives (he calls them "Peasant Knives") that we think reach 80-90% of the utility of the better Japanese knives at a fraction of the cost.

There is absolutely nothing elegant about these as the handles are simple (essentially indestructible) plastic, but they are a cinch to open one-handed - even wearing gloves in the dead of winter. They have wide sharp blades (3" long & 1" wide) that will cut, and cut, and cut some more. And because of the high carbon steel used (the hardness is Rc57) edge retention is better by far than any stainless steel blade. Keep in your pocket or wear it in the convenient leather pouch attached to your belt. A great value.

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Overall Rating :5 
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5  - 
Peasant Knife
Reviewed By:   (Point Roberts, Washington) 
Nice knife, priced right for a Common Man. Comes very sharp. Holds great edge. Plastic handle allows to open in wet, damp environment. Easy one hand operation. I got yellow handle so it won't get lost in the bush. And if it gets lost for some reason - it won't break my heart!

5  - 
Svord Peasant Knife
Reviewed By:   (Bethany, MO) 
You'd be hard pressed to find a better value in knives than this. It harkens back to a day when your knife was more than a tool, it was your companion. Being forged out of high carbon steel is an amazing attribute, as well. Svord Peasant Knives are the ultimate because they have edge retention, form a beautiful patina through use, and are easily sharpened, this is one of Garrett Wade's many great items and it will stand the test of time. Take it from me, I'm a knife maker and know quality when I see it, feel it, and cut with it. This knife will make a great splash among friends, family, and colleagues. Thanks for offering such a quality product Garrett Wade. I had already bought one through a more expensive source, but if I lose mine (virtually the only way to get rid of this beautiful piece of cutlery), I'll purchase from you since you have some of the best prices and service around.

5  - 
Simple, Tough & Inexpensive
Reviewed By:   (Denver, Colorado) 
I'm really glad I bought this knife. I think it's a real bargain, too. For twenty bucks, you can't go wrong. I can say that it is a simple, well-made, very sharp knife and it's holding its edge very well. I find I can open it with one hand quite well, too, and It fits in my jeans pocket nicely, making it a useful, solid, quality tool that will last pretty much forever. Recommended for sure!

5  - 
Sturdy and Simple
Reviewed By:   (Londonderry, NH) 
A simple design where your normal grip on the handle provides the resistance to closing. This method works well in most cutting situations. Trying to pierce with the point is a little tricky but doable. For regular cutting it excels. I use it woodworking for everything from scribing to final shaping and the blade holds it's edge well. Usually, all I have to do is touch up the edge, usually with just a leather strop. I did reshape the edge bevel to a shallower angle on an extra fine diamond stone, but that was my preference and not necessary. Overall an excellent knife at a very reasonable price.

5  - 
Reviewed By:   (Bauxite, AR) 
I would highly recommend this knife to anyone. I work in a very tough environment and this knife has stuck by my side and has helped avert several large disasters. It has proven its worth time and time again. I bought the one with yellow scales because of its visibility and it has become affectionately known as "the banana pepper". I admit it was a little awkward at first to get used to and it did feel a little plasticy. That being said its simplicity is key and will hold a very nice edge for a long time, I have only needed to sharpen it once in over a year of abuse. Also is is extremely easy to use with thick gloves on. It can be opened with one hand fairly easy, once you find a technique. To open mine I just hold the scales and push the tang against my leg and it pops right open. It is a handy multi-tasker anything from prying open paint cans to chopping through 2 inch lock lines, really big ropes, this knife has never once failed me.

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