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Undeniably clever, this desktop tool quickly fastens two to four sheets of paper together (depending on paper thickness) just like an ordinary stapler, but with no metal staples-in fact, with no staples at all. It's a great tool, and a great conversation piece.

It works by punching out a thin strip of paper, which is then woven back through a slot that it cuts in the sheets. If you are tired of having to pull out wire staples, or of running out of staples just when you need them most, this is for you.

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  • Stapleless Fastener

    Earl R Donaldson, 8/20/2015 I am a retired attorney. I have purchased approximately 10-12 of these unique machines. Clients were fascinated on how it made such an intricate cut in the paper and at the same time looped paper back through the loop for a solid crimp. The connection was easily removed with a knife. Great Gift.
  • Stapleless Stapler

    Andy Sharpe, 2/10/2015 I think it is great.
  • Aces Up

    Frank Snyder, 1/24/2015 After using wire staples to stick paperwork together, this high quality staple-less stapler comes along. I have a plastic paperless stapler, but it cannot compare with this item. I do a lot of stapling and this item is a gem. You are the only company that I know of that has this item for sale. It will be getting a lot of use. Thank you very much. PS: It is ruggedly built and has so far saved me from using the wire staples.
  • Fun

    Ed, 12/8/2014 The neatest thing about this item is witnessing the reactions of others when you invent fanciful tales about how you used small scissors to cut out the holes in sheets of paper to bind them together.
  • Stapleless Stapler

    Neil, 4/9/2014 Works well. I'll enjoy it.
  • Wonderful Gift

    B. Haramis, 1/11/2014 The paperless stapler was purchased as a gift. Okay, I got sneaky and tried it out. Please don't tell anybody. As a result, I'll be back to purchase another for our household.
  • Great Stapler

    Mike, 4/21/2013 This is one of the best staplers I have found.
  • Looks Nice on My Desk but

    Patrick, 2/28/2013
  • No Staple Stapeler

    Frank, 1/2/2013 Works great. Very neat and no metal staple to deal with if you need to separate or shred the pages.
  • Dang. That's a Big Hole!

    Scott, 1/26/2011 I bought this primarily for the novelty of staple-less stapling. And it is novel, I'll give you that. But I was ill prepared for the GIANT (ok, it isn't that big) hole that is punched into the paper to create the fastening device. Additionally, thick paper does not work well with this devise. It is also made in China, poop.
  • My Green Stapler

    Brian Phelps, 1/22/2011 Love the No-Staple Stapler!!!! I remember as a kid seeing one of these unique staplers but could never find one. I jumped for joy when I saw it in your catalogue. No more metal staples for me.
  • Accountant - LOVE This!

    Lisa Anthony, 1/15/2011 LOVE this tool! I am FOREVER stapling and removing staples! THIS is a cool solution. PLUS - this tool allows me to use something OTHER than scotch tape to attach adding machine tapes to analysis I've done.
  • Fascinating

    Gerald Markovitz, 12/14/2010 Perfect performance for the product limits to staple just a couple of sheets of paper without a staple.
  • Just What I Wanted

    Kari, 11/28/2010 We have been looking for something like this for weeks. The only stapleless stapler we could find was very cheap and broke the first day we used it! Luckily I found this product! The quality is more professional and office appropriate. The only drawback is that it doesn't take as many sheets as we would like but what it does, it does well! We got it to use up to 6 sheets but don't think we should be pushing it to that limit often.
  • Wonderful

    Phil Purcelli, 10/28/2009 I received this as a gift (at my suggestion). It is totally unique and amazing to use. It works great and I just look for papers to staple"."
  • Mind Boggler

    C Durdin, 9/29/2009 My husband had seen this in the catalogue and told me that he wanted it for Father's Day. I thought it was a little expensive for a stapler but got it for him. It works like a dream. This is one of those things that you get for someone who has everything OR someone who is concerned about the rust associated with staples (yes, they do rust). Everyone needs a few go-to gifts. This is one of those things.
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