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Noah's Ark & Noah's Animals
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Virtually every child in the Western world knows the story of Noah and his Ark and all the breeding pairs of animals that peacefully made their way onto the Ark and were then saved before the historic deluge that drowned the known world.

We have found a wonderful childhood toy that will rekindle everyone’s family memories – the story physically comes alive. A small German family firm (only eight master-craftsmen remain that make these), still make this Noah/Ark (and others) that has a history going back to the 18th century. Each and every animal is hand carved and hand painted (both male and female – talk about detail). The Ark can hold all 18 pairs of animals in its quaint house and in the ship’s structure.

The Ark comes with Noah, his wife and 6 family pairs of animals – Dove, Sheep, Polar Bear, Pig, Camel and Cow. You can enlarge your menagerie with two other Sets of paired animals (6 pair in each set). As marked in the photo, additional Set (A) is Elephant, Dog, Bear, Goose, Zebra and Horse. Set (B) is Tiger, Fox, Giraffe, Deer, Goat & Chicken.

It’s hard to overstate how charming and beautifully made these are. Really very special. No kidding. Please know that these are really limited in supply – and hurry because it’s likely to start to rain soon.
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