Offset Nail / Wire Cutters

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Offset Nail / Wire Cutters
High leverage plus flush cuts
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62K15.07 Offset Nail / Wire Cutters

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What's really needed is a cutter that will cut virtually flush to the surface. This German-made tool will do just that. Plus the hinge geometry is specially designed to provide exceptionally high leverage. (For example, it will cut hardened piano wire up to 1/8" in diameter and soft steel wire up to 1/4".) A pro's tool made by Germany's #1 maker of hand mechanical tools.

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  • Not so Special

    Koenig, 3/9/2013 I needed a flat cut on the ends of fence panels. While this tool does sit flat" on the work, it's double bevel jaws do not cut flat, they leave a razor sharp burr on the work. This burr is even sharper than the factory edge on the original panel stubs. While the catalog description says this will cut 3/16th piano wire, I found it very hard to cut the same size fence wire, which is MUCH softer. As soon as I get to the local piano shop to test it, I'll probably be sending this back to GW. "
  • Best nail cutters ever

    Layton Perry, 10/29/2009 When my roof was replaced the roofers nails stuck thru the roof, creating a real hazard. I looked for over a year and purchased several nail" cutters, but none worked, until I found the Offset Nail/Wire cutter from GarrettWade. Best tool I've found in a long time."
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