"One-Shot" Special Shovels
$ 0
These fit the better mousetrap" analogy. Very well made in Canada with all steel construction and a strong fiberglass handle but otherwise nothing special - except for the "wings" added to the blade on both sides. These are truly revolutionary.

First, the added "wing" supports allow you to move much more per shovel load without spilling than you could imagine. Each load weighs a bit more, of course, but you will make far fewer lifts - perhaps up to 30-40% fewer. You'll work much, much faster.

Second, if you are digging to a "shape" - for example, digging a vertical sided trench - the added "wings" will automatically cut the sides sharp and clean. Again, you'll work much faster.

If time is important to you and you work outside a lot, you've got to get one of these.

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