Palm-Fiber Garden Rope
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The Japanese, who have a well deserved reputation for creating some of the most beautiful gardens and outdoor spaces in the world, make extensive use of fiber in securing and decorating joints in structures and fences. What they use is shuro nawa: rope made of fibers from the palm tree. It has the advantage of being very strong and (just as important) highly rot resistant. It is resistant to degradation by the UV in sunlight, unlike many man-made fibers. These excellent advantages make it the perfect outdoor rope – and in addition, it is very, very attractive.

Ours comes in a thickness of 3/16 and in bundles each 20 yds. (60 ft.) long. This is really useful (and beautiful) stuff to use – especially if you want to do something unique for your garden or yard. The two colors available are brown (like earth) and jet black. Get 5 at a time and Save.
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