Patternmaker's Style Vise

Patternmaker's Style Vise
Rotates 360° & The Jaws Swivel
For quick super-secure clamping of awkwardly shaped - even fragile - objects
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36A01.03 Patternmaker's Style Vise

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This heavy-duty (32 lbs.) vise mounts to any work surface up to 6" thick. The steel jaws ride on dual 3/8 x 2" steel guideways that are machined flat and adjust with a hand driven Acme screw of hardened steel. The jaws are fitted with 1" thick hardwood pads to which a 1/8" rubber surface has been bonded to protect all work surfaces.

The vise body swivels a full 360° on its 4" mounting plates; by loosening the top hex screws, the jaws also rotate 360°, converting from outside to inside clamping (spreading), or to securely hold irregular shaped or tapered objects. Ideal for instrument makers, carvers, furniture makers and patternmakers, this very well made tool will be an excellent and versatile asset to any woodworking or mechanical shop. Imported.

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  • Really Poorly Made

    Nick, 12/25/2013 Got this for Christmas, Wow what a poorly made vise.. There isn't a hole drilled on center anywhere on this. And of course, I will be needing parts to make it work properly. The whole jaw tower" needs to be replaced do to the use of oval drill bits!! the handle barley turns backwards to open the vise because the shaft binds in the oval hole that was made.. Just total disappointment and I hate having to ask for the receipt for a gift!! SAVE YOUR MONEY!! Buy something else.."
  • Good but not perfect

    K G Jones, 12/2/2013 For the price, this vice adequately does the job I wanted to do. However, I have a couple criticisms. The first is that the horizontal guide bars that support the moveable jaw and slide past the stationery jaw are slightly bowed outward, so that I found it necessary to add a thin washer to the spacer that separates their outboard end in order to keep the vice from binding when the jaws are adjusted to their widest setting. The crank handle is a solid cast part of the crank assembly instead of being a separate free-turning handle that would rotate has you turn it. As it is, the rough-cast metal is uncomfortable to hold and turn. This is not a problem for occasional use, but you might start getting blisters from it if you were doing repetitive production work over a long period, The performance would also be improved by the addition of a couple thrust washers around the threaded shaft, behind the crank assembly. Presently there's a direct metal-to-metal contact between he crank assembly and the body of the jaw which makes rotating the crank feel less smooth than it could, and sometimes causes slight binding in its rotation.
  • Patternmaker's vise

    john cole, 5/27/2011 This vise has many useful features and appears to be well constructed. However it would be more useful to me if the whole unit, or even just the heads, could tilt around both the vertical and horizontal axis. I guess that could be the next iteration of this otherwise extremely useful tool.
  • Wowzers!

    Susan Holland, 12/18/2010 I am a woodworker specializing in making carved wood bowls. I asked for this vise for Christmas. And it is absolutely perfect for my needs! I mounted this intelligently machined tool without fanfare on my work bench, used a wrench to adjust the jaws, and inserted one of my projects. The soft" jaws are infinitely adjustable to grab all kinds of shapes, and I will be able to carve inside and outside the bowls with hand tools and rotary tools. These are going to have leather socks eventually so I can make them even "cushier" to accept delicately surfaced work securely. And now I have two hands free to do the fussy stuff. Wonderful!!! Thanks to you and to my kind gifter! "
  • You can never have too many vises

    Richard Criddle, 6/2/2009 A great tool,I had my wife buy it for me for Christmas. Also known as a gun-stock carving vise, it is the perfect sculptor's companion. A wide holding capacity, swivel jaws and the ability to be mouted just about anywhere makes it a major asset to my studio.
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