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Permanent Qc Kit (4 Pieces)
$ 16.7
If the ends on your hose have become damaged, or leak chronically, just cut them off and fit these solid brass fittings at each end. This saves the hose and converts your hose permanently into an efficient Quick-Change (QC) System.

The Permanent QC Replacement Kit consists of two hose fittings, one for each end of the hose (the nozzle end has an automatic water-stop shutoff), plus one of the female adaptors (for the faucet end) and one of the male adaptors (for the nozzle end of the hose).

The photo shows the faucet-end" of the QC Kit consisting of a permanent fitting (ready to be assembled) with a female adaptor (ready to be screwed into the faucet). The two nozzle end parts( included in the kit but not shown) look essentially similar.

Get additional female adaptors and male adaptors to equip more taps and more water accessories with a quick connect function using the same hose. (Designed only for use on standard 5/8" ID/ 3/4" OD garden hose.)
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