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Remarkably, you can use this tool to pick a dime off the floor or lift a five pound brick (we did both easily). Spring-steel leaf springs actuate a pair of 1-1/2" rubber disks that are as sensitive as your fingers, but seem to be stronger. And now this come with locking buttons so you don't have to maintain your grip all the time.

The Pick-Up Tool is 34" long overall with a maximum opening of 3-1/2". It's particularly terrific for fast yard clean-up. In fact, its used by the grounds crew in Central Park in New York.

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  • Arm extension

    Len Lenon, 9/20/2016 There are times where an extension to my arm is required and this device suits the need very well. The handle is easy to use and the griping mechanism is great. There are rubber cups that will pick up a single piece of paper or sticks out in the yard. The backbone of the device is aluminum square tube that is very sturdy yet light in weight. A great tool for house and yard application.
  • Very Good Quality

    John, 3/2/2015 I'm another disabled vet with a bad back who recommends this product highly. I don't know about dimes and bricks but shoes, clothes, the grandkids' toys, screws, nails, wood cut offs, and everything else that hits the floor in home and shop can be retrieved with these grabbers. I've used tools like these for nearly a decade now and seen the quality in the grocery/drug store brands decline significantly. This is the best I've ever used.
  • Back Saver

    Robert E. Pratt, 1/1/2015 I'm a disabled American veteran from the Vietnam war. I got hurt real bad while serving there. I use this product to pick up items that I couldn't without it. Thank you very much for having such great items. This why I pick your company to buy from.
  • Pick Up Sticks You Will Be Able To

    Edward McConway, 8/17/2014 Light, sturdy & easy to handle. Just the right height, sensitive suction cups are a particularly nice feature. If you have bad knees like I do this is the tool for you.
  • My Go To

    Robert E. Pratt, 8/10/2014 This is the most fantastic tool I own, and I own a lot of tools. I use this tool everyday outdoors. It really takes the stress off of my back. I like the tool so must, that I bought two more for friends. Thanks again for selling such great tools.
  • Very Handy, Strong and Light

    Robert Seddon, 8/1/2014
  • Increase Your Reach!

    Judy, 7/28/2014 This tool makes grasping blackberry vines easy. I have tons of blackberry vines and after cutting them, it's hard to grab them out of the bushes without lots of scratches. This thing really helps!
  • Best Pick-Up Tool Ever!

    Feather Tippetts, 12/31/2013 I have used this pick up stick in my job as a County Parks Maintenance Worker. Picks up everything from tiny pieces of fluff to glass bottles. Bought one for my mother after her back surgery and it's lightweight enough not to put stress on her back or joints. Picks up pens and pencils, reaches spices and cereal boxes in upper cupboards. Perfect length, I don't have to bend to use it, Mom can reach high without using her tiptoes. Lightweight, but sturdy. I've used my on a daily basis outdoors for 4 years and the rubber tips are still good!
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