Pickaroon Log Mover

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Pickaroon Log Mover
With a hardened steel precision tip
Save your back - No more kneeling over!
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19A03.06 15" Wood Handle Pickaroon

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19A03.05 18" Steel Handle Pickaroon

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A traditional loggers’ tool for safely handling and moving cut logs, or rounds - out in the woods when bucking felled trees or in the woodlot during splitting - it’s an all-round handy tool for the job. With the curved beak-like precision point driven into a log it acts much like an attached handle – a round can be pulled, flung, rolled and pitched where needed with a surprising degree of leverage; handling heavy, awkward rounds and small felled trees becomes much easier and safer. Saves your back by avoiding repetitive bending.

Two models: The 18” has a steel tube handle and non-slip plastic grip. The 15” has all Ash handle. Made in Germany.
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  • Pickaroon

    Paul Boffa, 6/22/2017 Back saver! It's almost a tractor for what I do, esp. when I need to roll a good size log for cutting.
  • Looking forward to using Define tool

    Charleen, 5/13/2017 Excellent quality good design very happy
  • This tool will change your life

    Dan S, 5/7/2017 For years before I knew these existed, I've carried, in a hammer holster on a belt, a small Estwing hatchet for this exact purpose. That set-up works remarkably well and radically improves firewood handling--at the chopping block and in the woods. The Pickaroon takes this concept to a much higher level. I've wanted one for a long time and loved it about one millisecond into my first use. Granted, I'm a little odd-- there are those like me who see collecting firewood as an adventure sport, and splitting and handling it as a great and truly enjoyable form of exercise. I am a professisonal carpenter, so carrying the short, wood handled pickaroon in a hammer holster, and using it constantly, is to me second nature. I won't go out to the wood pile with out it, and will barely even reach down to pick up a round or piece of split wood any more since I have this thing...when used in conjuction with an old tire, it will radically increase your efficiency and decrease the bending over to pick up and move wood when splitting. The wood handled (shorter) model is beautifully made and swings like a well balanced framing hammer--and I'm a bit of a hammer snob. Its pick is so sharp and curved so perfectly that I have total faith in using this tool to casually move LARGE LOGS (including un-cut lengths of 48 and 64 inches) on and off the stack, in and out of a truck bed, or wheel barrel, onto the block, and so on. In fact, if I had any criticism of it's design, it might be to say that it is almost too effective at holding the logs--the weight of the log, when carried, actually levers the pick deeper into the wood making it more secure. The minor effort sometimes required to extract it is a small price to pay for the extremely secure and solid grip it provides. It absoluletly excells in the forest for pulling huge pieces around and extracting them from slash piles or wherever they end up when cutting on steep hillsides. I have dragged ridiculously heavy logs large distances with this tool, then used it do flip the log up vertically and place the log on my shoulder...then, with a casual flick of my wrist, I can pick a smaller, but very heavy, round and choke up on the perfectly shaped handle and carry the two pieces out of the woods without ever bending over. The pick is excellent for pulling off bark, and the hammer (or poll) end is superbe for knocking off branches and knots instead of a chainsaw. for minor limbing. This tool is absolutely indespensible for all things related to firewood. I chose the shorter. wood handled version because I wear it hammer style, but I can imagine owning a longer one too. Needless to say, I am extremely happy with the one I have. The only thing possibly better than this tool, would be if the same manufacturer made one identical, except with a hatchet blade on the other end instead of the hammer face--the fabled axaroon that I have so far only seen as custom hand forged models, or as a cheap and poorly designed version from some logging supply company.
  • Sexy little zombie killer.

    ron, 1/14/2017 If a logging hand tool can be sexy, that's how I would describe this unit. For grabbing hunks of logs or pulling bark off this is ideal. I have used the longer versions and like them to. But, this short version is very easy to wield. Where head meets handle is nice and secure. If I ever have to wade my way through a swarm of zombies, I sure hope I have this tool at my side.
  • Steel handled Pickaroon

    William Barra, 8/28/2016 Wish I had one of these 25 years ago! If you handle a lot of firewood as I do, this will save a huge amount stooping and back strain. Lifting logs to the splitter is easy! Great price point. This tool is really well made. A definite keeper.
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