Pickaroon Log Mover

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Pickaroon Log Mover
With a hardened steel precision tip
Save your back - No more kneeling over!
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19A03.06 15" Wood Handle Pickaroon

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19A03.05 18" Steel Handle Pickaroon

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A traditional loggers’ tool for safely handling and moving cut logs, or rounds - out in the woods when bucking felled trees or in the woodlot during splitting - it’s an all-round handy tool for the job. With the curved beak-like precision point driven into a log it acts much like an attached handle – a round can be pulled, flung, rolled and pitched where needed with a surprising degree of leverage; handling heavy, awkward rounds and small felled trees becomes much easier and safer. Saves your back by avoiding repetitive bending.

Two models: The 18” has a steel tube handle and non-slip plastic grip. The 15” has all Ash handle. Made in Germany.
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  • Sexy little zombie killer.

    ron, 1/14/2017 If a logging hand tool can be sexy, that's how I would describe this unit. For grabbing hunks of logs or pulling bark off this is ideal. I have used the longer versions and like them to. But, this short version is very easy to wield. Where head meets handle is nice and secure. If I ever have to wade my way through a swarm of zombies, I sure hope I have this tool at my side.
  • Steel handled Pickaroon

    William Barra, 8/28/2016 Wish I had one of these 25 years ago! If you handle a lot of firewood as I do, this will save a huge amount stooping and back strain. Lifting logs to the splitter is easy! Great price point. This tool is really well made. A definite keeper.
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