Portable Drip Irrigation System

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Portable Drip Irrigation System
For extensive ground level controlled watering of vegetable beds and others
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37A01.05 100' Portable Drip System

Available 05/02/2017


The heart of the system is a double sided rollerfitted with two flexible rolled drip lines each50 feet long. The system comes pre-assembled and ready to use, and is designed to be easily rolled up and storedbetween uses and moved between areas in a few minutes. Comes with connector to a standard bib faucet or a (quick change) garden hose fitting and a pressure regulator.

The drip lines are perforated to provide a dedicated watering point every 12", allowing each line to irrigate a total of 100 planted vegetables 12" apart. (From a practical standpoint, the entire row should become damp.)

Multiple systems can be linked side-to-sideto the same water source for semi-permanentinstallations. Designed and made in Israel - ageographic location that has decades of experience in agricultural water delivery and conservation. Highly recommended. Two yearmanufacturer's warranty.

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  • Water Control

    Pete Schappa, 4/2/2014 Seems like a good product, however with winter still here in Minnesota, I have yet to try.
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