Portable Sprinkler System

Clearance Portable Sprinkler System
Ideal for flower beds & lawn up to 650 sq ft
With quick-change fitting & pressure regulator
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37A01.04 Portable Sprinkler System

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This Portable Sprinkler System consists of 33 ftof plastic supply lines, a connector to a standardbib faucet or a (quick-change) garden hose fitting,a pressure regulator, and a 33 ft water supplyline with take-off points 8 ft apart.

Included are 4 micro sprinkler supports thateach spray a half-circle of 8 ft, plus 4 full alternativeheads that spray a full circle 16 ft diameter(plugs are included if you don't want toutilize all 4 take-off points at the same time).Highly recommended. Two year manufacturer'swarranty.

The Manual Watering Timer is perfect for the efficient control of the Portable Sprinkler System. Just turn the setting dial to the number of minutes you want the system to run and it starts instantly and shuts off automatically - much like a kitchen egg timer. What could be simpler than that?

Made in Israel.

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  • Great sprinkler kit

    Michael Allgaier, 5/24/2016 The kit is easy to assemble, and works well. The pressure regulator needed a small hose clamp to stay secure, but did work without it. The kit performs exactly as advertised. I wanted to order another, but was on clearance and out stock.
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