Spanish-Made Stainless Steel Kitchen Knives

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Clearance Spanish-Made Stainless Steel Kitchen Knives
Exceptional quality for demanding cooks
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36A02.01 8-1/2" Spanish Chef’s Knife

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Regular Price: $295.00

Special Price $194.50

36A02.02 4" Spanish Paring Knife

In stock

Regular Price: $145.00

Special Price $99.95

36A02.10 Both Spanish Knives

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Regular Price: $440.00

Special Price $250.00

The blades of these Spanish Kitchen Knives (a 9” Chef’s knife and a 4” close-work Paring Knife) are stainless steel, hardened to Rc60 and cryo-treated. Each knife is one of a limited edition and is numbered. But the handles are the unique standout -- hand-built using multiple (25 to 30 pieces) stacked sections of different material (brass, copper, steel, micarta, leather, ebony, maple, etc.) in a varying mix. To say that they are stunningly beautiful is a huge understatement.

Good knives are critical to the work in any kitchen, and any ambitious cook (amateur or professional) will recognize the quality of these tools. The usual familiar brand names dominate what is typically available, but there are other special makers who manufacture super high quality (and therefore more expensive) knives that have a harder time in the retail market being recognized and distributed. We have identified a Spanish maker doing extraordinary work, and have selected these knives for you. By any measure, these are simply extraordinary. Spain is well known for makers of very high quality personal knives. These are a lifetime gift that any cook will cherish. A truly breathtaking pair of professional tools.
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