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2,800 Lumen LED Floodlight - Gen 1
This Gen-1 model has been replaced by a 3200 Lumen upgrade (see 04D04.44) with about 10% more power and using rechargeable batteries. This earlier model uses eight lithium non-rechargeable CR123A batteries (a value of $27.90 supplied at no additional cost) and reaches out about 735 ft instead of 880 ft. Otherwise, it is essentially functionally identical to the newer 04D04.44 model. The appearances of this Gen-1 model Floodlight and it's replacement (04D04.44) is identical.

Most Hi-Tech LED flashlights are developed to primarily illuminate a distant object – that is “throw” a light beam a long way. Our LED Floodlights are designed specifically to do exactly the opposite – that is, illuminate a wide area by maximizing light scatter. This is a huge advantage when useful.

We have obtained a small quantity of this previous model at a special price and available at a 25% $50 Savings off the regular price of $198.75. This is a great bargain so if you have hesitated before, don’t miss this opportunity. We will not be able to get more of these.
We are sorry, this product is currently unavailable.
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