Premium Hair Cutting Scissors
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The very best hair cutting scissors feel weightless, have beautiful action, and have microteeth (0.1mm in size) on one blade. The blades are kept as a matched set throughout forging and grinding. Slight variations in style of the rings and shanks, as well as overall length, may be present.

The Cobalt Steel Scissors (5-1/4 long) are as fine as any made: truly superior precision cutting tools (these are made in Italy by a different manufacturer and are not historic).

The Sculpting Scissors (with 20 indents per inch) and the Thinning Scissors (with 10 indents every inch) are professional tools and work beautifully. Each (except for the Cobalt Steel Scissors) comes with its own black leather wallet. Save with a set of 3 Pro. Scissors: the 5-1/2" Gold Scissors, plus the Sculpting and Thinning Scissors.
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