Premium Multi-Tools
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There is real difference between a tool that is just good" and one that is really terrific - even if they superficially look the same. The use and thickness of material, subtleties in final design and finish affect how the tool looks and works for you.

This style of handy multi-tool is prized by thousands. And these USA-Made models stand out as the very best available - decidedly better that more familiar brands of the same type. And field tests have solidly confirmed our initial instincts. They may or may not be more expensive than others you come across but in any case they are the best value - hands down. And three size alternatives offer a real choice.

All use the same design framework - hinged jaws (pliers and wire cutters) with accessories packed inside the handles. Everything folds up for compact storage to go in your pocket or in the belt pouch. All are made of stainless steel. They differ only in size and the number of accessories (picks, screwdriver, can/bottle opener, saw, file, and knife blade etc.) packed in the handles.

The Super-Bear Jaws are 4-1/2" overall when fully folded and have room for 9 accessories. The Standard-Bear Jaws are 4" and contain 7 accessories and the Mini-Bear Jaws are only 2-1/2" folded, have 4 accessories and are perfect for children's hands.

These have a lifetime guarantee, and certainly carry out full approval. Excellent tools.
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