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Premium Quality Block Planes
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Ductile cast iron bodies ground flat and square with the sides are coupled with cast and polished Solid Bronze caps to give these planes great heft and presence in the hand. Both planes are 6" long. Each has an adjustable mouth for shaving control. The Standard Block has its 1-5/8" wide blade bedded at 20 degrees. The Low Angle Block (often considered better for end grain work) has its 1-3/8" wide blade bedded at 13 degrees. These are great tools and a real joy to use.

The Block Plane has always been a critically important woodworking hand tool, but often in the past, even the best from the major manufacturers were just okay. In recent years some niche makers have produced excellent new models, though often at very high cost. Our new Block Planes belong in the category of the excellent new niche planes, with similar superb functionality - but at a more affordable price.

After our own successful tests, we asked professional woodworkers to try them on the job. We got an enthusiastic response alright (and had a hard time getting them back, too). We highly recommend these premium planes to any craftsman wanting to upgrade his tools while not breaking the bank.
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