Pro Electrical Screwdrivers

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Work safely with our insulated screwdrivers
Screwdrivers rated to 1,000 volts
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19E01.07 Insulated Flat Screwdriver

Available 11/15/2016


19E01.08 Insulated Phillips Screwdriver

Available 11/15/2016


19E01.20 Large Insulated Screwdrivers (both)

Available 11/15/2016

Regular Price: $43.40

Special Price $39.95

Our Household Electrician's Tool Kit (19E01.10) has proven very popular. We developed it so that it would include all the critical elements for productive work but not so many that it would prove too expensive. However, we have had numerous requests for a few additional tools and so here they are: Two larger German made screwdrivers rated to 1,000 volts fully insulated to within 1" of the tip (one #2 Phillips and one 3/16" Slot).

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  • Worth the money!

    Robert Light, 8/10/2016 Great screwdrivers. Good weight and balance.
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