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Pro Moving Frame Hacksaw
$ 19.9500
We have secured a shipment of Moving Frame Hacksaws complete with 5 free blades (2 welded tungsten carbide blades plus 3 standard bi-metal) at an exceptional price.

This uniquely designed hacksaw employs a spring-loaded sliding frame that supports the blade right next to the cut, ensuring that the blade remains stiff. Not only will this speed your cutting a lot, the cut itself will be much neater and straighter. It's a brilliant idea and it really works. Trying to cut cleanly with an ordinary hacksaw right up next to an adjacent surface is frustrating. Any commonly available 10" hacksaw blade will fit the saw - though we're giving you 5 Free. (The tungsten carbide blades are UK-manufactured welded tungsten and will outlast normal tungsten blades by five times. Excellent for glass, cast iron, tile, fiberglass, brick, plastics, marble, sandstone etc.)

This Professional model has a cast aluminum frame. Handle color varies. A Huge Value.
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