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Messograf Pocket Caliper / Pen
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Messograf Pocket Caliper / Pen

Beautiful, multi-functional & always at hand
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05A01.01 Messograf Caliper / Pen
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Just pull it out of your shirt pocket and you have a 4" exterior Vernier caliper (0.1 mm metric and 1/16" inch scale) and a retractable ballpoint pen to mark down the measurements with. In addition, there is a metric screw thread scale and a tire tread depth scale.

So nicely made and so terrific looking, we simply couldn't resist it. So here it is for you to use and enjoy. Wow your friends. Made in Germany.

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Overall Rating :5 
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5  - 
Very Useful
Reviewed By:   (Rockford, MI) 
This comes in handy all the time when you are making something. The calipers are accurate and easy to use, while the pen writes very smoothly. You can measure and mark without having to change tools!

5  - 
Reviewed By:   (Swift Current, SK) 
Great little pen, came in handy many times.

4  - 
Reviewed By:   (Ogden, Utah) 
Given to my son who likes different gifts. It's a pen? Still, it has many different uses. It seems to fulfill it's basic use as well: it writes!

5  - 
Just as it's described
Reviewed By:   (Syracuse, New York) 
If you are used to using a vernier caliper you will have no trouble using this one. If you've become used to dial or digital calipers, remember the inherent need to calibrate those, while not so with these. These calipers were made as a pocket quick reference tool and not a precise instrument although in competent hands they are more precise. I am a master tool and die maker with over 37 years experience and these calipers show repeatable accuracy as do most vernier calipers. The pen is just an added treat. Well made and a definate conversation piece these can become a valued keepsake.

5  - 
Well-made & Super Cool (just don't expect 100% of functionality that a real caliper would have)
Reviewed By:   (Germantown, Maryland) 
Very well-made. Pen writes very nicely. Click to distend or retract pen has nice solid action. The tire tread depth function works well. As for the caliper, just don't expect it to do all that a real caliper does. Namely, (1) calipering of depth can only be done indirectly by difference; (2) inside calipering can be done, but you'd first have to get a real caliper (preferably, or minimally a mm ruler) to do a ONE-TIME calibration of the the thickness expanse of the caliper tongs when pressed together (then subsequently you'd always add that value to the scale reading). But for outside calipering, the caliper pen works quite well and has the vernier to get precise interpolation to 0.1 mm. There is no dial (or digital display) as on a real caliper to get to smaller than 0.1 mm interpolation. Overall, if you don't expect the caliper pen to do everything that a real caliper does, you won't be disappointed. Most folks caliper primarily outside dimensions anyway, (not depth or inside; see above). The caliper pen given the limitations that are obvious from the very nice photo, works quite well -- both as a pen and for outside dimensions within limits of tongs shown. Again, overall, the pen and caliper portions are well made. The product is definitely cool-looking, nice looking and neither cheap in look nor in feel. Price, though? Here the price is cheaper than all the competitors that offer the pen, so here is the place to get it.

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