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Beautiful German-Made Hand Drills
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Beautiful German-Made Hand Drills

Using a low-tech hand drill for small jobs is often the most efficient way to work

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08C03.03 Mini Hand Drill
In Stock $26.80  
08C03.04 Larger Hand Drill
In Stock $49.95  
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Small hand drills are easy to use but need to be of high quality and precise to be satisfactory. That's why we have gone to Germany for these. Both are 3-jaw single pinion drills made of steel (with wood handles and alloy driving wheel). The Mini Drill (weighs 9-1/2 oz.) is only 9" long with a 6mm chuck (bit shanks need to be less than 1/4"). The Large Drill (weighs 20 oz.) is 12" long with a 10mm chuck (will handle bits up to 3/8" shanks). Although the Large Drill will theoretically "do it all", there will be times you will find the smaller drill an absolute delight to use - so we really recommend it to you also.

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Overall Rating :5 
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5  - 
Hand Drill
Reviewed By:   (Chesapeake, VA) 
Used on gun stocks and other wood projects that require something other than a powered drill. Works perfectly and gives better control.

4  - 
Reviewed By:   (Olympia, WA) 
The mini brace worked great for me for its dedicated job of drilling inlay holes for the fret markers on the side of a classical guitar fretboard, and then one day when it came off its storage shelf, the gears were frozen and would not turn without great effort. I am writing this as I sit down to order another from GW, in hopes that the first deep freeze was a fluke.

4  - 
Small Hand Drill
Reviewed By:   (Lincoln, NE) 
Nice smaller drill that seems to operate very smoothly and easy with no unevenness that I have seen on some larger models. Very smooth and quiet too.

5  - 
Schroeder Makes Three Versions of These Hand Drills - All Excellent
Reviewed By:   (Boston, MA) 
The two models of the Schroeder hand drill sold by Garrett are advertised as single pinion hand drills and in fact they are just that. They are meant for light to medium hand drilling in wood and light metals. I have them both and they work very well for their intended purpose. As always, using the correct and sharp drill bit is just as important as the drill itself for successful drilling. Schroeder does make a double pinion drill which uses the same cast drill body as the larger single pinion drill but it is still a very different drill meant for medium to heavier duty drilling. In addition to the double pinions the main crank wheel gear has a much heavier mass - it is heavier, more substantial to maintain rotation with less effort once it gets up to speed. Next, it has a much larger handle to support heavier drilling by providing for a full hand grip for crank wheel rotation. I also have this model. Again, it is excellent. The axiom of using the right tool for the job holds true. It sounds like a couple of reviewers are trying to use the lighter duty drills for heavier drilling or perhaps are using inappropriate drill bits. Paint on the main crank gear wheel is irrelevant. These wheels, after being cast, are milled for excellent meshing with the pinion gear, be it single or double pinion. These drills, all three models, are excellent and work extremely well when using sharp drill bits of the right type and for the type of drilling for which each model is made. The only lament I have is that Garrett does not sell the heavier duty double pinion model of this Schroeder hand drill family. However, it can be bought elsewhere. All three of these drill have a smooth rotational action, easy to turn, work great and I have been using them for quite some time and well pleased with their quality and function.

5  - 
Schroeder Hand Drills
Reviewed By:   (Bethany, MO) 
I want to start off this review by mentioning that I purchased both of these German Hand Drills from Garrett Wade. When I received my first one, I knew I needed the larger one, too. They're just that well made. They ooze quality and have an ultra smooth action that can only be matched by antique versions of these tools that cost much more. As a traditional hand made knife maker, I drill thousands of holes a month and have no doubt this will be the only way I'll be doing it from now on. Pair these with a sharp set of bits, whether traditional fluted, regular, or Brad point bits, and you'll have a set of traditional tools that can't be beat. No more waiting for batteries to charge or run out on you half way way through the job. No more dealing with cumbersome extension cords to get tangled up in. These tools deliver exactly as promised. You can feel the quality with each rotation of the crank handle. Simple single pinion gearing ensures you won't feel the 'snagging' feeling that double pinion models can sometimes be notorious for. If you're looking for a safe, old-world, and convenient way of drilling spectacular and accurate holes in wood and other materials, look no further. Thanks Garrett Wade. This is the reason I always come back for all my tool needs.

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