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Extra-Capacity X.H.D. Jumbo Pole Saw & Pruner
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Extra-Capacity X.H.D. Jumbo Pole Saw & Pruner

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11G13.03 Jumbo Pole Saw & Pruner
In Stock $139.90 $124.50  
11G13.13 Replacement Pruner Blade
In Stock $9.95  
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From the same maker who produces our highly regarded H.D. Pole Saw and Bypass Pruner, with double the capacity at 2Ē. The heavy-duty Anvil Lopper is great for cutting all types of wood, but excels at cutting hard dry wood. The secret is that using the 20X mechanical advantage pulley and gear combination, the blade rises vertically to cut, instead of pivoting - thus avoiding any twisting. This X.H.D. tool also includes a 14" high-carbon 6tpi stainless steel saw blade that attaches to the end of the pole.

It extends from 4 to 8 ft in length, using an exclusive snap-lock (not common twist-lock) system. Like the 1" capacity Pole Pruner (mentioned above), this tool surpasses all others that we have seen in construction and thoughtful design.

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Customers Ratings and Reviews
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Overall Rating :4.5 
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5  - 
Out On A Limb
Reviewed By:   (Tucson, AZ) 
The engineering of this tree trimmer is superb. I should have purchased a long time ago and saved myself a lot of grief.

5  - 
Great Inovation
Reviewed By:   (Dixon, CA) 
I have nine fruit trees and four shade trees in my yard that require almost constant pruning, not only for the health of the trees but the appearance of things in general. My existing two in one pole saw has from the beginning been a constant source of irritation in that one function always interferes with the other, getting tangled in the foliage, and making it very difficult to get into tight spaces. I was initially put off reading some of the negative reviews on this item, but then I reasoned "nothing ventured, nothing gained" and decided to pass judgment on it myself. When it arrived the box was really torn up, but the amount of pillows stuffed inside saved the tool from serious damage. The compound pulley system imparts an incredible amount of focused power, even more so than my largest anvil type loppers! I haven't used the saw yet, but the design of the blade with laser cut teeth makes it look far more aggressive than what I had before. Some may disdain the extensive use of plastic, but this current trend to ergonomics makes it lightweight and easier to use. Double locking mechanisms, if used properly, make it very difficult to overstress a connection point. The extension pole is very smooth and easy to use, again with double locks for each adjustment hole. I found the most effective way to use the compounding mechanism (since it's a "long pull") for tall branches was to hold the pole in one hand and "choke up" on the line with the other hand wrapping it around a leather glove a few times for a smooth clean cut. Sweet! I now think this is an excellent example of precision with quality construction throughout.

5  - 
Huge Capacity!
Reviewed By:   (Ridgefield, CT) 
A unique, high capacity pruner, with pulleys giving considerable mechanical advantage and a cutting blade having vertical travel, which limits bending of the pole. The cutting head is steel, so it is somewhat heavy and the pole doesn't give quite as much reach as some others. Perhaps a Garrett Wade peculiarity, but the unit was delivered with absolutely no instructions nor any warranty information! One must figure out how to unfasten the pruner in order to attach the saw. Plastics are used to fasten the blade and pruner to the pole, but seem to be of high quality and good strength. For heavy duty lopping, this is a sound investment.

3  - 
Good, With Some Noteable Reservations...
Reviewed By:   (San Carlos, CA) 
Had held off, despite wanting his for a while. Finally bought it and used it ~6-7 different occasions. Cutting is a breeze, with parts moving smoothly (so far. BUT, pole diameter is, in my opinion, undersized. Biggest negatives though are that the cutter actually slips into the pole with only a (very) short (~3"), stubby plastic piece. Cutting branches which this tool is designed for should have longer and more durable piece. Also, although this may be quibbling a bit, is that the latching mechanism can become unlatched when up in high working around dense branches. (This has happened 2x) Not fun to "fish" around trying to slip pole back onto the (short) plastic stub to retrieve the cutter...Does it cut more/better than other models? Absolutely. Are there some design deficiencies? I think so.

4  - 
Good Pole Pruner
Reviewed By:   (Los Gatos, CA) 
Very good compound pole pruner with the minor drawback that the head is heavy for more horizontal pruning.

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