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Diamond Honing Guide
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Diamond Honing Guide

Fast, foolproof and set-up time is zero
8000 Grit Plate now available

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20S01.01 Diamond Honing Guide
Item No Longer Available $94.80  
20S01.02 220 Grit Diamond Plate
In Stock $18.50 $9.00  
20S01.03 450 Grit Diamond Plate
In Stock $18.50 $9.00  
20S01.08 8000 Grit Diamond Plate
In Stock $16.50 $9.00  
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This is very fast and works beautifully, with great repeatability. Any bevel edged cutting tool can be sharpened or finish honed rapidly. Each end of the solid, machined aluminum sliding section (the part with the curvy shape) has a different insert - quick-change magnetic-lock premium diamond sharpening plates. Switching from one grit surface to another takes seconds.

Just insert the blade in the side of the jig (as shown), against either the front or back stop, and stroke the sliding section back and forth. One side hones at an angle of 25 and the other at 30. No practice is required. Rubber feet give it exceptional stability. Carriage runs smoothly on Nylon 66 slip rails.

Comes with 220 and 450 grit plates as standard. Sharpens square-edged chisels and plane blades from 1/8" (3 mm) to 2-1/2" (64 mm) wide.

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Customers Ratings and Reviews
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Overall Rating :5 
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5  - 
Great tool
Reviewed By:   (Springfield, Ill) 
Quality made tool , bought the complete set , sharpened my all of my chisel's with this tool and it put a real sharp edge on them all the time I thought I had sharp chisels until I used this tool now they are precise . Thanks for the Quality made Tool .

5  - 
The best sharpener
Reviewed By:   (Plymouth, Michigan) 
I read the other reviews and decieded to try it. When I received it I went right to the basement and used it on 3 chisels in need of sharpening. All I can say is Great! Very easy to use and what an edge it puts on. It only takes a few swipes to get the edge set. This is definatly worth the money. I purchased all the extra stones and would recomend the same to any one looking at this. You wont be sorry.

5  - 
Honing guide
Reviewed By:   (Ipswich, MA) 
In short, I repaired/sharpened 4 plane knives with this guide and was very impressed at the edge that I produced. Two of the plane knives were in terrible condition. Easy to use and the price was right. Great tool Garrette wade.

5  - 
Diamond Honing Guide
Reviewed By:   (Ypsilanti, Michigan) 
Sharpening tools are essential to any woodworking shop. The Diamond Honing Guide is a nifty sharpening tool that gets one started in the sharpening process with the correct angle at the very beginning where it should be. The concept of the tool is ingenious. The 'assembly' of the sharpening plates is sturdy, quick and easy. Changing the honing plates presents minor problems because of the strong magnetic forces holding the honing plate to the jig. This strong 'attachment' gives one the understanding that the honing plate is not going to move out of place in the jig resulting in an improper angle. The use is straight forward with little time needed to get the process down pat. The process of sharpening becomes natural within a few minutes. If the edge needs to be shaped to the angle of the jig it may take more that a few minutes with the coarsest grit plate to get the angle on the particular tool. The questions I have about the tool are about the honing plates. When a honing plate is placed in the jig the sharpening process occurs off the center of the honing plate. So two areas of the honing plate surface will be used over time. This only presents a problem should the active surface become clogged or damaged in those two areas. Diamonds being one of the hardest compounds we have, should imply that the cutting action will not degrade from use too much over time. The other concern I have is the cutting action, the sideways action. Even with using the finest grit, the cutting action is parallel to the cutting edge. When we view the cutting edge with high magnification the cutting marks run parallel to the cutting edge. Traditional use of natural and artificial stones has be with the cutting edge perpendicular to the honing motion. This provides a set of honing marks perpendicular to the cutting edge and microscopic 'teeth' versus short knife like edges. I do not think this affects the cut when using the finest grits,

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