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Individual Specialist Tools For Ship Modelers
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Individual Specialist Tools For Ship Modelers

Stock Number Item Description Availability Price Sale Price Order Qty
22T09.01 Plank Bender
In Stock $12.90  
23T01.05 5 in Long Nose Pliers
In Stock $7.50 $5.95  
22T09.03 Brad Pusher
In Stock $13.95  
23T01.01 Craft Knife
In Stock $6.95  
23T01.02 5 Repl.Short Bevel Blades
In Stock $2.00  
23T01.03 5 Repl.Long Bevel Blades
In Stock $2.00  
23T01.04 5 Repl. Double Bevel Blades
In Stock $2.95  
88H05.01 Jewellers Hammer
Expected by 11/10/2015
10M06.01 Small Special Clamp
In Stock $1.95  
10M06.02 Large Special Clamp
In Stock $2.65  
88H08.01 Six Tweezer Set
In Stock $15.60  
22T09.02 Keel/Hull Clamp Support
In Stock $27.50  
88H11.01 Short Archimedes Drill
In Stock $10.50  
95D01.02 Two #70 (.028 In.) Drill Bits
In Stock $4.75  
95D01.03 Two #65 (.035 In.) Drill Bits
In Stock $4.75  
95D01.04 Two #56 (.047 In.) Drill Bits
In Stock $4.75  
95D01.05 Two #55 (.055 In.) Drill Bits
In Stock $4.75  
88H04.01 Miniature Chisel/Pry Set
In Stock $12.65  
23T01.06 Diagonal Cutting Pliers
In Stock $6.75 $3.75  
23T01.07 3 In. Mini Table Vise
In Stock $25.25 $21.50  
23T01.08 Double Helping Hands
In Stock $6.50  
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Listed below are the individual items that make up the Specialist Tool Kits for Modellers.

Essential Tool KitAdvanced Tool Kit
-Plank Bender-Keel/Hull Clamp Support
-5" Needle Nose Pliers-Small Archimedes Hand Drill
-Brad Pusher-Two #80 (.014") Drill Bits
-Craft Knife-Two #70 (.028") Drill Bits
-5 Repl Short Bevel Blades-Two #65 (.035") Drill Bits
-5 Repl Long Bevel Blades-Two #56 (.047") Drill Bits
-5 Repl Double Bevel Blades-Two #55 (.055") Drill Bits
-Jewelers Hammer-Mini Chisel/Pry Bar Set
-5 Sm Special Clamps-4-1/2" Diagonal Cutting Pliers
-5 Lg Special Clamps-3" Mini Table Vise
-Six Tweezers Set-Double Helping Hands

Customers Ratings and Reviews
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Overall Rating :5 
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5  - 
Excellent Quality
Reviewed By:   (Columbia, SC) 
Heavy duty tools for the tiny jobs. One of my best purchases from Garrett Wade.

5  - 
Tweezer Set
Reviewed By:   (Sacramento, CA) 
Gift for my husband , enjoy using it.

5  - 
Tiny Nails?
Reviewed By:   (Alburtis, PA.) 
I'm restoring old steamer trunks and have the need of removing very small nails and other fasteners from the trunks. I'm 82 years old and do not have the fine dexterity of years past. So these little "devils" make my work much easier. Thanx. Garrett.

4  - 
Broken Packaging
Reviewed By:   (Charlotte, NC) 
I ordered some of these for myself many years ago and loved them. They're perfect for many jobs. Ordered two of them for Christmas presents this year and had to send them back because the packaging was all cracked. Great tweezers, poor packaging.

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