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Grandpa's Weeder
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Grandpa's Weeder

The ultimate green weeder.
Guaranteed for a lifetime of use

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This tool was actually invented in 1913, and was very popular in the Northwest (where it was well known) until WWII halted production. Now rediscovered after 70 years, it's a blessing to anyone who likes their weeding effortless - with no bending, no hand pulling, and no kneeling - period.

Simply center the two iron gripping prongs over the weed (footpad lever can point in either direction), press into the ground, and then remove your foot, leaning the 39" long hardwood handle in the direction of the footpad lever. Out comes the weed, root and all.

This is a simple, effortless tool to use. It's hard to imagine working without it and it's a great value for a lifetime tool.

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Overall Rating :4.5 
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5  - 
Grandpas Weeder
Reviewed By:   (Silver Spring, Maryland) 
I hate gardening! Really, I hate it, but the weeds were taking over like the little shop of horrors. So, I thought what the heck! Try this made in USA Weeder that was on sale. Everything I've ever bought from the Garrett Wade catalogue has been top notch, so I figured it would at least be functional. Well, it's great! It works exactly as advertized and is so much fun to use that I actually LIKE weeding! I've showed it to all my family and friends and encouraged them to buy one as well. I might even give them as gifts! Now if I could just teach my dog how to use Grandpas Weeder instead of digging holes, everything would be perfect.

5  - 
Back Saver!
Reviewed By:   (Aliquippa, PA) 
I have had this tool for about 15 years, and it has saved my back more times than I can count. So basic and yet so easy to use, it pulls one weed at a time removing the entire root for a quick, clean kill. I use this all spring and summer every year and it is just as good today as when I got it. You do need to eyeball the center of the weed to get this done right, but it beats kneeling down with a dandelion tool. I used it today with hard ground due to no rain and it worked just like always, albeit with more stepping pressure. I do use gloves to clear the mechanism, or a Popsicle stick if the weed is thorny. Wouldn't do without it after all this time, but from the reviews here I wonder if the quality has changed in 15-years (I sure have!)

1  - 
Easily Broken
Reviewed By:   (Natalia, Texas) 
First day. Two tries and the rocker arm broke. I had a second one so I tried it and the same results. Guess I am just to strong for this item.

3  - 
Shaft is not Strong
Reviewed By:   (Madison, Wisconsin) 
This weeder in a good idea and ok design, however, the wooden shaft is definitely not adequate for tough broke the first day after 4 successful weed pulls. The shaft should be made out of steel bar or a tough carbon fiber. If I modify with a tough handle, I'm not confident that the cast iron head will hold up. Not sure why steel is not a heavier grade for such a tool.

2  - 
Time Consuming
Reviewed By:   (Zion, IL) 
I've returned it. After using it once, I realized it would be very time-consuming as you can only go after one weed at a time and I have lots! It works, and is well-made, sturdy, but not sufficient for my need.

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