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Deep Reach Punch

Garrett Wade Exclusive
Deep-Reach Punch easily marks through hardware 3/4" thick
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78B02.01 Deep Reach Punch
In Stock $15.70  
25T23.01 Stud Finder
Expected by 10/5/2015
25T23.02 Extra Pins For Stud Finder(10)
In Stock $8.95  
78B02.10 Deep Reach Punch & Stud Finder
Backordered $34.60  
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Somehow you never have a pencil skinny enough to reach through to mark through thicker shelf standards, brackets or hardware accurately. This special tool is made specifically to mark wood, plaster and plaster board.

Just press the long point through until you hear and feel the "click". The spring-loaded plunger applies just the right amount of pressure. Brass and steel construction. We highly recommend this jointly with our Mechanical Stud Finder - locate studs with no batteries.

It's very simple and reliable. This one never needs batteries. Simply press the nose straight into the wallboard so the fine needle (only 0.027" diameter) can penetrate to find the stud. If you can push the needle all the way through, simply take it out, move it over and try again. Markings on the side show you how thick the board is. The handle holds extra pins.

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Overall Rating :5 
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5  - 
Reviewed By:   (Atlanta, Georgia) 
Accurate method of locating studs in walls. Foolproof, unlike battery powered stud finders which don't give accurate readings "all" the time. I have owned several stud finders but come close to the accuracy of this simple device.

5  - 
The Best Stud Finder
Reviewed By:   (Harriman, TN) 
This stud finder has been a staple in my tool pouch for years. I have owned one for many years. I will not be without one. I have purchased several and gave them for gifts. Any time someone sees me using it they always marvel at how simple and accurate it is. Before I retired from handyman work I always kept a spare in case I lost or broke the one I used everyday. I still have one in my tool pouch today and plan on dying with one in my collection of tools. Thanks for a great simple tool.

5  - 
Simple pin stud finder
Reviewed By:   (Cypress, TX) 
The pin stud finder is the epitome of easy is best. A slender pin is pushed into the sheetrock to find the stud. The is almost no trace of where you have been. The pins last for many uses but I bought extra with this purchase. I purchased one eight years ago but in a fit of gratitude was required to give it away and purchase this as a replacement. Years of easy use.

5  - 
Where have you been all of these years?
Reviewed By:   (New Orleans, Louisiana) 
I've spent years tapping on drywall, hoping the next generation of electronic stud detectors actually works, and worst of all patching holes I made in the wrong places. This ingenious tool has ended them all. The holes it punches in the drywall are barely visible because the needle probe is so fine. My initial thought was that the needle was going to break all the time (that was why they supplied extra ones,) but I haven't broken one yet despite extensive use. Highly recommended!

5  - 
Very pleased
Reviewed By:   (Austin, TX) 
Have not had to use these spare needles yet, but am confident they will do the job!

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