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Professional 4-Tine Digging Fork
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Professional 4-Tine Digging Fork

Welded all-steel & simply indestructible

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79W07.01 Four-Tine Digging Fork
In Stock $83.50  
79W02.01 Optional Foot Pad
In Stock $13.95  
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Professional gardeners want tough, sharp tools that can be used all day. We have carried this USA maker's shovels and spades (5 of them - click here to see other all-steel tools) for years and our customers love them. So we added their full-sized Fork. The 4130 tough chrome molybdenum alloy steel tines and handle are carefully heat treated to produce a tool that is exceptionally strong. The handle is fully plated and the tines painted for rust protection. The optional rubber Foot Pad does not come with it as standard, but it can be mounted on either side of the handle.

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Made in the USA.

Customers Ratings and Reviews
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Overall Rating :5 
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5  - 
Finally Found What I Need
Reviewed By:   (Falls Church, VA) 
I am 76 years old and single and I love roses that need to be planted in deep holes with amended soil if you have clay. Yesterday I used this with the Super-Penetration Shovel to dig a hole. It had rained 2 days before, so the ground was soft but sticky. I successfully dug out a 24x20 hole. The tines are strong with long tapered points which were very helpful when I took out one 13x9x8 inches concrete block and several smaller ones that the construction worker had buried when the house was being readies for renovation. They easily penetrated between the 'rocks' so I could wiggle them out and then used the shovel to help loosen them and finally lift the heavy 'rock' out. Also managed to dig out the long yellow roots of some weeds. I need to dug out more holes, but I am glad to have these tools now. I made sure to wash the sticky clay off the tools before I took them into the house.
Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner December 2014 Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner. Congratulations, Francine!!

4  - 
OVERPRICED... Until you try it
Reviewed By:   (Decatur, Alabama) 
THIS REVIEW is NOT for the 4-tine Digging Fork but for the Optional Foot Pad. Bought one of these foot pads for attaching to the Deep-Penetration Shovel I ordered for my avid gardening wife last Christmas. I was put off by the price (it cost as much as the last shovel I purchased!), but to pay as much as I did for the Penetration Shovel and NOT get this accessory seemed to cheapen the gift so.... When my wife used the shovel, she told me how great it was and especially how much she enjoyed the rubber foot rest. She said that the combination of the shovel and the foot rest made digging a pleasure! Then she said she wished it had come with two foot rests (one for each side). Her wish was my command. She's now got probably the ONLY Deep Penetration Shovel on earth with TWO foot rests!

4  - 
A Much Needed Accessory
Reviewed By:   (Decatur, Alabama) 
Bought my wife the Super Penetration Shovel for Christmas. She is an avid gardener so I thought a more permanent quality shovel (along with the new raised beds I built for her veggie garden) would be aided by a soft foot pad for said shovel, so I bought her one of the ($14 Garrett Wade! ) footpads to go with the shovel. Couldn't believe when it arrived how little foot pad $14 buys you nowadays (I'd say its WORTH is MAYBE $4 ) But she loved the shovel and uses it all the time and when I told her that the foot pads were available separately she asked if I would get her another one for the other side of the blade. she now has the "deluxe" version of this shovel (the one with $28 worth of foot cushions! I don't know WHAT rating my wife would have rated this purchase at if she knew that she could have bought a NEW, albeit lesser shovel with what I paid for the pads!

5  - 
Finally a Real Tool!
Reviewed By:   (Lascassas, TN) 
I've had a hard time finding a digging fork that would stand up to working hard clay. The forks offered at the big box hardware stores and even local hardware/gardening stores are cheaply made and the fork tends to fall out of the wooden handles when you try to dig. But all that annoyance is a thing of the past! The all metal Garrett Wade fork does not fall apart and is more that sufficiently strong to deal with ultra hard clay. It has made me a happy gardener!

5  - 
Strongest Fork Available
Reviewed By:   (Tallahassee, FL) 
My parents taught me about gardening before I entered kindergarten, starting with planting sunflowers and pumpkins back around 1950. Its a great way to start kids -- sunflowers were taller than me, pumpkins were to heavy for me to pick up. Been gardening ever since. I take good care of my tools, storing them inside and dry. I've gone through many wooden-handled garden forks over the decades, the last handle falling off (*not* breaking) from dry rot inside the socket. This steel-handled, all welded steel fork with heavy tines should last me the rest of my life (and maybe one of my grand kids lives as well)! I think if I ever drove over it with my car a tire could be ruined from a puncture but the fork would be just fine.
Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner November 2013 Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner. Congratulations, Dan!!

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