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Premium Quality Block Planes
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Premium Quality Block Planes

Ductile Iron Planes with Bronze caps are a superb value
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83R01.70 Premium Standard Block Plane
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Ductile cast iron bodies ground flat and square with the sides are coupled with cast and polished Solid Bronze caps to give these planes great heft and presence in the hand. Both planes are 6" long. Each has an adjustable mouth for shaving control. The Standard Block has its 1-5/8" wide blade bedded at 20 degrees. The Low Angle Block (often considered better for end grain work) has its 1-3/8" wide blade bedded at 13 degrees. These are great tools and a real joy to use.

The Block Plane has always been a critically important woodworking hand tool, but often in the past, even the best from the major manufacturers were just okay. In recent years some niche makers have produced excellent new models, though often at very high cost. Our new Block Planes belong in the category of the excellent new niche planes, with similar superb functionality - but at a more affordable price.

After our own successful tests, we asked professional woodworkers to try them on the job. We got an enthusiastic response alright (and had a hard time getting them back, too). We highly recommend these premium planes to any craftsman wanting to upgrade his tools while not breaking the bank.

Customers Ratings and Reviews
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Overall Rating :4 
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4  - 
Rider 60 1/2
Reviewed By:   (Canoga Park, Cali) 
Howdy. This refers to the Rider low angle block plane. The machining on mine is brilliant and precise. The iron bed looked like it needed tuning, but 4 strokes of a file showed it was only negligible mill lines- this plane was good out of the box, including the edge of the iron. I would say that this plane should have come stock with a thicker iron, regardless of carbon or hardness. The blade has worked better after re-sharpening; thicker would work even better. The plane has that good, heavy heft that lets me use it to "ride" a surface without pressure and find and trim off the high spots in finish work, but it will still rip-out (albeit lightly) against the grain; again, a thicker blade? My beefs center on the inherent flaws in the original 60 1/2 design: 1) there is no reason the shoe (brilliantly machined on my plane- a really perfect fit) should close the mouth of the plane. With the typical small mouth openings one normally uses for a cross-grain plane, this poses no real issues, except the shoe sticking out in front in any mouth adjustment just bothers me. I'm sure I'll end up filing off the front of the shoe when I'm certain of my average mouth opening. The back end of the iron sits on such a lot of fairly shaky adjustment devices (depth of cut, side adjustment) that the locking wheel needs to be watched- it will loosen with any adjustment- but if you pay attention and clamp it down, then this is a very smooth cross-grain planer with minimal chatter. I broke it in hanging a 100 year old broadaxe head into a (probably) 120 year old+ handle (very cured wood!), and it did the job with a minimum of swear words. Based on this plane: if you don't own a do-anything high angle block plane (the #60), then this guys' brother is a great candidate. Brian Hilbers Surfboard shaper, woodworker, and general tool geek.

5  - 
First Class Plane
Reviewed By:   (Staten Island, New York) 
This plane is a Rider plane made in India. The bed of the plane required a little clean up with a file, but all do even my Lie Nielsen and Veritas planes. The sole required very little lapping on my surface plate, I was amazed at how flat it was even with the retaining bolt torqued down, along with the locking for the variable mouth and the iron pressure wheel adjusted properly. It took about 50 one way strokes on the plate to completely remove the bluing I use as an indicator. By the way when flattening the sole of any plane only stroke in one direction on abrasive being used. Sanding in both directions will result in the plane having a curved bottom because the ends receive more cutting action than the center and the hand tends to rock the plane. The iron is high carbon steel and sharpens well. Not as good as A2, but a good A2 iron for his plane (1 5/8 x .125 with slot = 5/8) is almost the cost of this plane. I recommend putting Hock iron in from the get go, but I do all my planes this way unless they come with A2 irons. This is an excellent plane, and no not the aesthetics of a Lie Nielsen but it performs just a well. I have several LN planes, so I speak from experience. Once other note, the plane does need cleaning as mentioned in another review, but this is a good thing, it means it was packed in Cosmo or some anti rust agent. All good machine tools are sent like this, so I don't know why someone would mention this.

2  - 
Not as Pictured
Reviewed By:   (Chandler, AZ) 
The picture that is with this review is not the picture that was in the add that I responded to. In the" For Your Consideration" email add the was sent to me, the holster had a shine to it and looked as though it was a formed leather, like shoe or boot might have. The item sent to me was thin and floppy and had a suede finish, not what I was expecting. I am pleased that your great return policy allowed me to return the holster with a hassle. Thanks for the Good service, I will purchase from you again as I know that you stand behind the tools you sell.

4  - 
The Real Story
Reviewed By:   (New Boston, Texas) 
These planes are heavy and seem to be rugged. Not sure they are any way near the quality of Lie Nielsen planes. Time will tell the real story.

4  - 
The Real Story II
Reviewed By:   (New Boston, Texas) 
These planes are not superior to Lie Nielsen. The planes are heavy and I am not sure about the durability or blade quality. Time will tell the real story. The planes must be cleaned before they can be used.

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