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Sutherland Welles Tung Oil Finishes
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Sutherland Welles Tung Oil Finishes

Recognized by professionals as the best

Stock Number Item Description Availability Price Order Qty
99R01.01 Tung Oil Sealer Qt.
Expected by 10/12/2015
99R01.02 Tung Oil Sealer Gal.
Item Currently Unavailable $102.64  
99R02.01 Tung Oil Finish Qt. Low Luster
Expected by 10/12/2015
99R03.01 Tung Oil Finish Qt. Med Luster
Expected by 10/12/2015
99R04.01 Tung Oil Finish Qt. Hi-Luster
Expected by 10/12/2015
99R14.03 Ext Poly Tung Oil Sealer Qt.
In Stock $37.86  
99R14.01 Ext. Poly Tung Oil Medium
Item Currently Unavailable $43.26  
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Tung oil is recognized as the finest oil finish available. However, most so-called Tung oil finishes on the market have been adulterated with varnishes, lower cost soy oils, and/or urethane additives. This makes the finish somewhat cheaper and easier to use, but sacrifices the special qualities of Tung oil. Pure Tung oil provides a tough, hard surface that is absolutely waterproof, and impervious to dust, alcohol, acetone, and fruit and vegetable acids. It does not darken with age as linseed oil does.

Sutherland Welles uses polymerization from a cooking process to give its Tung Oil a faster drying time and a harder, higher gloss surface. Increasing the percentage of polymerized oil in the formulation of the finish restricts penetration but increases luster, durability and hardness. Always wipe off excess oil, turning your rag frequently. If tackiness persists, simply wet the surface with more oil, wipe immediately and let dry overnight. Keep tightly capped and minimize the amount of air in the can to prolong shelf life.(These items cannot be shipped by air service.)

Note: These items have been restricted from being shipped outside the U.S.
NOTE: Due to impending laws on air quality control and other health concerns, these items have been restricted from shipping to California.

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Customers Ratings and Reviews
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Overall Rating :5 
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5  - 
Tung Oil Newbee
Reviewed By:   (Mars Hill, Maine) 
Hi, This is a must try/use product. It takes a little more time/effort than urethane but the results are outstanding!

5  - 
Great Product
Reviewed By:   (St. Louis, MO) 
I used this product on a walnut bookcase I built in the early 90's. It is still beautiful with the finish still showing off the beauty of the wood. That's what I like about this finish. It doesn't 'cover' the wood like a urethane. It is like an oil finish that highlights the wood but also provide a strong durable finish that protects the wood. I also have it on my coffee table. Also built from walnut, I have no hesitation putting my feet on the table watching tv. I have been amazed how, after five years, there is not a single scratch on the table top. I abuse it, love it and know it will not let the wonderful highlights of the walnut disappear. Instead it shows off the wood and the furniture I built. I can't recommend it high enough. It is certainly an 11 out of 10.

5  - 
Product Availability
Reviewed By:   (Glen Allen, VA) 
Best product on the market. However, only the tung oil sealer is available. GW also used to carry the Old World stains. Seriously hope you will reconsider carrying this product line again.

5  - 
Great Experience With This Product (continued)
Reviewed By:   (Waterford, Wisconsin) 
I was a bit too windy in my prior comments, so they were cut off. :-) I'm continuing where it cut off: (For the record, following instructions, I wiped on, rubbed in, then wiped off the excess on the first coat. I then brushed on three more very thin coats, all at least 24 hours apart, and that technique worked well for me. Advice from the pros had convinced me of the necessity of not rushing things.) Thank you to an earlier reviewer who suggested using marbles to keep the air out of the can ... that method works great. Now, six months after the project was completed, and many trips up and down those finished stairs by the two-legged and four-legged occupants of our house, there is no sign whatsoever of scratching. Our steps have a subtle shine without being slippery, which is exactly what we wanted. Thank you, Sutherland Welles, for helping a picky amateur get professional results. Now that I'm spoiled by using the best, I'll probably not use anything else again.

5  - 
Great Experience With This Product
Reviewed By:   (Waterford, Wisconsin) 
I'm not a professional woodworker, but I love beautiful woods and I have high standards, so when my wife and I decided to tear the carpet off our stairs and redo them in maple (and she also agreed to letting me do the work!), I was excited. I also knew, being an amateur, that I'd better do my homework before I started. We bought unfinished white maple retro-treads to cover the existing stairs. I did hours and hours of research on various products to seal, stain, and finish them to a golden oak color, which was necessary to match some surrounding woods. I read review after review (including the ones on this site), and began to appreciate what a difficult assignment I had given myself as an amateur. I was concerned that whatever final finish I used had to stand up to traffic, including that of our beloved dog running up and down the stairs. Some finishes were described as tough, but difficult to apply and/or extremely smelly. Several reviewers said there was just no way to avoid scratches over time, especially from rambunctious canines, so you'd better just plan to refinish every few years. The sealing/staining phase has its own success story and isn't part of this review, but I decided to top it with tung oil because it was tough enough to handle the traffic, and would give me the option of wiping on another coat a few years down the road if needed, without stripping what was already there. Having decided that, I looked for the best tung oil product, and decided on Sutherland Welles. I could not be happier with that decision. Although the instructions say to avoid application in hot, humid weather, I couldn't avoid some of that in the midwest in August, which is when I had the time to work on this project. The heat didn't seem to make any difference. This tung oil finish wiped on easily and I had absolutely no trouble with the application. (For the record, following in

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