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These pliers are the Real McCoy - perfect for fast work
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For those of us who are not professional electricians, electrician's pliers are simply any needle nose shaped tool with an insulated grip. But the Real McCoy is much more than that: one tool that allows you to do a variety of necessary tasks quickly.

These pliers are the Real McCoy.They grip round or flat wire firmly, cut wire, strip wire confidently and neatly, and crimp it as needed-all with the same tool in your hand. German designed and made, it's a pro's tool, well balanced and shaped, and will be well appreciated by any handy workshop denizen or serious DIY'er.

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  • Grossly Overpriced

    R. Mitchell, 11/2/2012 I am generally very pleased with the quality of your tools, they are as advertised. However, this tool is undersized, awkward to use, inadequate for large gauge wire, and grossly overpriced. You should consider removing it from your catalog.
  • Not Worth The Money

    Bakes, 9/29/2009 This is a nice set of pliers but did not live up to its advertised value. My biggest complaint is the size of the wire strippers. I use the 14 gauge to strip 12 but gently so not to cut into the wire. The 12 gauge stripper just removes the outer clear plastic from the 12 gauge so I still carry a wire stripper and a very fancy albeit well made pair of $50 needle nose pliers.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    We're sorry to hear about the problems you have experienced with the Pro Electrician Pliers. We re-checked with the factory - the wire sizes the tool is designed to handle are 10, 12 & 14. We've pulled a few from current stock for re-testing on both single and multi-strand wire, and the pliers and wire stripper have indeed performed as intended. We will, of course, refund your purchase or exchange the tool if you are not completely satisfied with its performance.
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