Professional 170 Piece Bit Set
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We all tend to use common drill sizes (1/16, 1/8, 1/4, 3/8 etc.) in much of our work. But virtually all sets come with one size of each, no matter how large the set is. This is a problem: if a bit goes bad or gets lost in the middle of a project (and we all know how often that happens), there's no replacement bit immediately at hand. Now you can have many replacements for any eventuality.

The brilliant concept was to package multiple quantities of the most commonly used drill bits. This metal box contains 170 bits divided up into 19 common inch sizes - from 5 to 10 per size, depending on the drill size (the smaller sizes have the most). The range is 3/64" to 3/8". We can't say enough about these sets - they're simply terrific.

The Standard Set of 170 is made of 4241 tool steel, roll-forged and black-oxide finished. The cost is low at an average of $.50 per bit.

The Super Premium Set of 170 is made of 9341 high speed steel (HSS), fully-centerless-ground and TIN coated. The quality of these is very high and they are uncommonly straight and hard-wearing. Average cost per bit is $1.18.

Made in China.
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