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91P05.01 Peavey Logging Tool

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91P06.01 Pickaroon Logging Tool

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91P07.01 Log Jack Logging Tool

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Any of us who has worked in a woodlot in the country or had to handle a large fallen tree knows that this can be back breaking work, and professional lumberjacks agree. That's why loggers use specially designed handling tools.

The Peavey has a 27" long handle with a pivot tip and grappling hook and it is used to roll large fallen logs from one location to another. It works beautifully. The Pickaroon has a 5" hook with a handle 32" long and is used simply to grab hold of logs so that you can pull easily and shift them quickly.

The Log Jack has a 31" handle and is designed to easily raise the end of large logs up to 15" in diameter off the ground and into a secure position for sawing. We strongly recommend all three, as they will not only make your work more efficient and less tiring, they can help prevent injuries such as a painful muscle strain. This item can not be shipped by air service.

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  • It's for the hobby logger

    The Big , 5/2/2013 Good tool, but on the level of a hobby logger. The handle is too short for moving real big logs like a real logger. But I run saw and split for fun and firewood, so it's just right. Solid, well put together, and tough.
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