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Prosensor 710 is a real advance in technology for the carpenter
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Any carpenter, professional or DIY, always confronts the problem of finding studs and other hidden objects (metal or other material) behind a wall surface, The trick is to do it quickly and do it reliably. The LED's used on this new finder can detect multiple studs simultaneously (up to 1-1/2" deep) and identify their width instantly. It's faster, less error prone and more accurate that any other we are aware of, and can begin to work at any place on the surface (does not need to be slid, but can be). Its 7" width gives it a "head start" on any other finder on the market. Requires 2 AA batteries (not included). Highly recommended.

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  • Well worth it and then some!

    Wattsi, 11/17/2015 I got this studfinder a couple of years ago and it is my go to finder. I had a Stanley prior to this on. Threw out the Stanley once I started to use this one. I have yet to miss a stud with this one. I like how it shows the exact placement of the stud,pipe,wiring behind the wall. It's almost as if you can picture it in your head. I highly recommend this studfinder.
  • Stud Finder

    Dave Nicholson, 3/1/2014 I have used a Zircon OneStep Multiscanner i700 for several years and always had problems finding multiple studs near window and door trim as well as closely spaced studs. This Franklin Sensor detects all the studs without having to move it along the wall and guessing where things are. It also shows the width as well as the spacing.
  • The Best Studfinder I've Used Yet!

    RKA, 7/23/2013 On standard sheetrock, I've yet to find something better other than a magnet, however a magnet assumes the guy that put up the sheetrock hit the studs on center. If you really need to know exactly where the studs are centered, this is the tool for you. Saves time over the other tools because you're not going over the area looking for repeatability. It's right the first time. I would recommend sliding the tool across the sheetrock. Several LED's will light with the presence of a stud. As you slide it across the wall, the LED's will shift" (one will go out and one on the other side will light). Stop at that moment and mark the center of your stud. Very accurate! I lent it to a friend to test on plaster and lath construction. Not terribly good results there."
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