Proxxon FKS/E Deluxe Small Scale Table Saw
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A woodworker or craftsman working in small scale has the same precision cutting needs as a furniture builder, but normal power tools are too big. Proxxon, a German firm, makes several small saws and we like their Model FKS/E best.

It is ideal for precise, high quality straight, mitre and compound angle cuts on all types of wood, non-ferrous metals, plastics, rubber, cork etc. Construction is very robust (weight 11-1/2 lbs). (Additional air shipping charges apply)

The machined aluminum worktable is 11-1/2 x 9-1/2. It has two mitre slots as well as a Mitre Gauge and a Rip Fence. The integral Extension Wing (shown) pulls out to increase the effective width to 19-5/8". Drive is by a quiet toothed belt. The electronic speed control varies the speed from 4400 to 6800 rpm. Cutting capacity is 1" at 90 degrees and 3/4" at 45 degrees using a 3-5/32" 24T TCT blade. Blade kerf is 1/16". 115V motor.

Additional blades available are (1) a steel blade with a very narrow 1/64" kerf for hard and soft wood and plastics, (2) a 36T TCT blade (kerf 1/16") for a finer cut than the 24T TCT blade, and (3) a Diamond Coated blade (kerf 1/32") for ceramics and fiber-glass reinforced plastics. The accessory Dado Head Set includes a special guard and a 2" wide (kerf 5/64") cutter used specially to cut slots in drawers, picture frames etc. Max slot depth is 5/16".

For the demanding craftsman in small scale work, we know of no better professional-quality Table Saw. A rubber adaptor at the back facilitates dust collection with a vacuum cleaner or dust extractor.

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