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Pulaski Axe
$ 72.0000
While it "earns its spurs" as an essential forest firefighters tool, if you have some really tough stuff to get out of the ground, nothing else will help you work more efficiently - at least by hand.

The reason is simple - the Pulaski Axe is used both as a chopping axe (even buried in the dirt) and as a mattock or "grub-hoe" - style pickaxe for aggressive digging in rough or even rocky ground. All you have to do is rotate the 32" hickory handle 180° as you swing to switch from one end to the other. The dual head measures 13" across with a 4" axe cutting edge and a 3-1/2" wide grub. Weight is 5-1/2 lbs. A rugged piece of equipment that's helped save the lives of forest firefighters, this is a Classic American Tool.

Made in the USA.
Please note that the blade of the Pulaski Axe is now finished in black instead of red.
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