Pump-Action Autoloader Kit
$ 0
This new multi-tip, auto-loading driver kit is exceptional, whether you are a carpenter, locksmith, electrician, auto mechanic, or a home DIY repair person. The Kit is complete with two drivers - Standard and Mini-Precision. Each barrel carries 6 interchangeable tips which are automatically retracted and stored in the transparent handle for virtually instant recall.

Super easy and convenient pump-action loading - pull back the handle, turn to the bit you want, pump to close (think of a Gatling gun's rotation). The selected bit is automatically loaded and ready to be put to work. The full-sized Standard comes pre-loaded with 3 Slot drivers and 3 Phillips. The Mini-Precision Autoloader is pre-loaded with 3 smaller Slot drivers and 3 Phillips (down to PH 000).

NOTE: The Autoloader Kit was originally meant to include 36 additional ΒΌ hex driver bits and an LED mini-light, but due to unexpected manufacturer shortages in these accessories, we have reconfigured the Kit to match the Standard and Mini-Precision Autoloaders with our Five Star Customer Rated 102 Piece Hex Bit Set (with a much greater variety of bits than the original offer). This unexpected change has made the Autoloader Kit an even more useful tool and, in our opinion, a greater value.
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