Ratchet “Allen-Key”

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Bestseller Ratchet “Allen-Key”
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19B03.01 Hex Ratchet (Imp.)

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19B03.02 Hex Ratchet (Metric)

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19B03.10 Both Sets (18 tools)

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This is really a return of our favorite Allen-key tools after years off the market. A bent steel hex-shaped handle (often called an “Allen-key”) is one of those simple tools we reach for repeatedly. Yet using them can be very slow going indeed, because the end often needs to be reinserted again and again. This remarkably simple all-steel tool is a permanent solution. Left/right ratcheting, with a 360˚ rotating handle, speeds your work, and allows you to get rid of those loose allen keys cluttering your tool box. Each set comes in 9 sizes, either imperial (5/64 to 1/4 ") or metric (1.5mm to 6mm) sets.

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Overall Rating
  • I didn't know they had this title. All my life, they've been allen wrenches.

    Paula Fry, 11/29/2016 I have not been able to find an allen wrench in my husband's tool box since he died. These are so neat that I bought my son a set, too.
  • Make Life Easier

    Adam D., 11/12/2016 Work great & very convenient. Wish had them years ago.
  • Ratchet Allen-key

    Kevin McArdle, 9/4/2016 Great product, and solves the problem of turning an Allen wrench with a ratchet included.
  • Great tool

    Russell Jella, 7/18/2016 I got these tools in a very timely manner, and they work Just Great.Didn't realize they would work so well.
  • Tools

    Gerald Dionne, 7/15/2016 This is a great idea for a ratchet allen wrenches., Could never find them like
    these sets. Really needed these in my tool box!!
  • Metric @ standard ratcheting allen wrenches.

    Darrell, 5/28/2016 This is a tool every one should keep handy. the ratchet action alone is extremely helpful. High quality build that I enjoy from the products I buy here .
  • Easy tuse allen wrench

    Arthur Cohen, 5/27/2016 Excellent high quality tool. I've been waiting for something like this for a long time. Outstanding for use in small or hard to get at places.
  • Ratchet “Allen-Key”

    Robert, 5/4/2016 Sturdy tool. Built so that you can apply more torque to tighten by use of handle. I will use frm now on and give my old allen keys to my sons.
  • Wrenches Made Simple

    Marty, 4/29/2016 Great tools - they should have invented this years ago. Great for tight places and for people who have arthritis.
  • Neat compact tool

    James, 3/17/2016 Item seems to be just what I need. Plan is to carry it on my motorcycle as part of my tool kit. My Triumph has a bunch of allen head screws, and the rachet should make removal and replacement much quicker if needed.
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