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19S15.21 Real Old-Fashioned Fly Swatter

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19S15.30 Bunch of 5 Fly Swatters

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This is the way your grandparents remembered this essential tool of summer. No awful flimsy plastic handle. Wire frame, wood handle, strong mesh with sewn edges. Looks like it will last, and it will. Plus it looks really neat.

Get five at a time. Save about $7 and spread them around to your family and friends.

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  • The fly killer

    Al acevedo , 5/26/2016 Worth double the price. I almost feel sorry for the Flies they don't have a chance.
  • Swat the bugs

    Bunny, 5/8/2016 Sturdy swatter, but the screen could be a tad more stiff. It tends to bend a bit more than it should. But it vanquished quite a few wasps on our patio.
  • Swat

    Frances, 5/4/2016 I would go on fly safaris swatter in hand when I was a kid until my friend's mother forbid the activity. I wish people would swat rather than use dangerous insecticides
  • Best Old Fashion Fly Swatter

    Patricia, 4/13/2016 Looking good to kill a bug.
  • Old Fashioned Fly Swatter

    Phillip Edwards, 3/14/2016 A blast from the past. Functional and built to last.
  • Old Fashioned Fly Swatter

    Phillip Edwards, 3/14/2016 A blast from the past, and built to last.
  • Fly swatters work!

    Jean Melvin, 3/4/2016 Jeannie: 2. Flies: 0. Bwaahahahahaaaa!

  • Hanging In There

    Jason, 8/22/2015 I ordered a few these quite a few years ago from Garrett Wade; well over five years at least. For me they have held up over time. And usually if a pest is enough of a pest that I want to go through the trouble of squashing it, well, these certainly work. Plus these add a touch of class to killing flies, if that is possible If I needed new fly swatters I would certainly buy these again.
  • Old-fashioned Fly Swatter

    Steve Polk, 8/14/2015 I sent three of these to my mother, who had been lamenting about not being able to find a good fly swatter. She was so pleased she posted a note on facebook letting everyone know how proud she was to get them! Now that's high praise. I ordered five more so each of my sisters could have one.
  • Old-fashioned Fly Swatter

    Steve Polk, 8/14/2015 I sent three of these to my mother, who had been lamenting about not being able to find a good fly swatter. She was so pleased she posted a note on facebook letting everyone know how proud she was to get them! Now that's high praise. I ordered five more so each of my sisters could have one.
  • Nearly Perfect

    GarrettWade_Fan, 8/13/2015 They're sturdy with a large swatting area that would benefit from a way to hang them up easily (such as a loop or just a small hole drilled into the handle). Although costly, they'll hold up for years.
  • Insect Weaponry

    Roberta Sheahan, 4/6/2015 No one likes the idea of using a flyswatter but this one could change my mind. These manufacturers take their insect assault seriously. Now if it only had a nonstick coating...
  • Fly Swatter

    Dale Herman, 3/1/2015 Very well made product. Much better than others on the market today.
  • Effective But Not That Durable

    Me, 1/28/2015 Form: These are wire mesh with a thick canvas edging sewn around the perimeter. The mesh is wrapped around the metal extending out from the handle and stapled onto a triangular paper piece (the white part with the red COMBRICHON" printed on it). While it looks vintage-y, it's certainly not craftsmanship of the highest order. Function: I'm embroiled in a war with the fruit flies in my kitchen, so I have been using this vigorously every day. For regular flies, it works slightly better than a cheap plastic swatter; for fruit flies, it works far better. There is serious carnage in my kitchen. Sadly, after less than a week, the wire mesh is already split along the edge near the handle (presumably because it undergoes the most bending there as I wind up to whack another pest). Admittedly, I've been hitting pretty hard and using it a lot, but I'm still disappointed. Back to using magazines!"
  • Finally Found It!

    Brad D. Wolford, 1/8/2015 For years, I have been disgusted with the steady decline in quality of the flyswatters that are being offered by the 'big box' stores. Yes, they are inexpensive but that is exactly what they are. CHEAP. I was surprised when I found these being offered by Garrett Wade and was even more pleased when I received them. They are of the quality that I remember as a child (in the dark ages) and I expect them to last for years. Thank you Garrett Wade for continuing to support quality manufacturers.
  • The Hit of Christmas

    David Miller, 12/28/2014 I never expected my wife to be so thrilled with these fly swatters. Everyone that came over she had to show these off the quality of these. Which led to a demonstrate on me! Thank you for putting a smile on my wife's face this Christmas.
  • Batting 1000 with the Fly Swatters

    Official, 12/20/2014 The Fly Swatters are great and very economical compared to their plastic cousins.
  • Swat Flies Naturally!

    Jo L Johnson, 12/19/2014 My brother and I were talking about old-fashioned, REAL" fly swatters just before Thanksgiving and how they just didn't make them that way anymore. "I'd love to own a REAL FLY SWATTER", he said. Then the Garrett Wade catalog came in the mail, and guess what I found?????? These fly swatters....every family at my Christmas gathering will receive one! Now there's an unusual but very useful gift!!!"
  • Husband Hates Flys In The House

    Nancy, 12/17/2014 This was my husbands favorite Christmas present last year and everyone who saw it wanted one! So I bought 5! Some for gifts but hubby wants one in every room!
  • Practical Gifts

    Sharon Bourke, 12/12/2014 I wanted to share something practical for neighbor gifts this holiday season without breaking the bank. These are perfect!
  • I Wish I Had Bought The Multi Pack

    Sharon Bourke, 11/27/2014 These are so nice I wish I had bout the multi pack to give some away as neighbor gifts this Christmas!
  • They're In Trouble!

    Bruce Bitterman, 9/11/2014 Fits the hand nicely and looks to control ALL flying pests!
  • The Best

    Joe Evans, 7/20/2014 Without a doubt, the best fly swatter in the world. Looks good. Feels good (At least to the operator. I expect the pesky flies are not too happy about it.) Durable. Only one suggested improvement. Drill a 1/4-inch hole in the handle for a six-inch loop of leather shoestring to hang it in a convenient place. It's nice enough to display, and it only works if you can reach it quickly. It seems the word has gotten out, and the flies won't even come in the house anymore.
  • Fly Swatter

    Bonnie, 7/14/2014 They look well made, but of course I have not used them yet. I want to give them a gifts.
  • The Real Thing

    Barbara Leal, 7/8/2014 We LOVE LOVE LOVE this fly swatter. The unbelievable junk they pass off as fly swatters nowadays in all department stores is a joke. These flyswatters are built durably and they WORK, the flies cannot feel the swatter coming.
  • If It Makes Mom Happy...

    Erica, 5/20/2014 I gave my dad a copy of the Garrett Wade catalog a while ago because I thought he'd enjoy looking through the tools and wouldn't you know my mother got a hold of it and fell in love with these old-timey fly swatters. I was pretty skeptical but I ordered her two for Mother's Day because she so rarely wants something eccentric like this. She loves them because they remind of her of the kind they had when she was a kid (she's only 52 so I'm not sure why she thinks she grew up in the Depression). I have to admit that they do look a heck of a lot cooler than the plastic ones and they appear to be well made. However, I wouldn't want one myself because you can't easily hang them on a hook and I don't want something with bug guts on it lying around. I haven't seen them in action but I also wonder about how well they'll work because they don't seem to have the flexibility of the plastic ones. Lastly, the price was an issue for me. At first, I didn't think it was too high because it's only $8 per swatter. But Mom wanted one for inside and one for out on the porch. Then the shipping was $9.50 which seemed really steep for two items that are as light as feathers. So at the end of the day, I paid $26 for two fly swatters that may or may not work as well as the 99 cent ones at the grocery store.
  • Not Good

    DMW, 3/7/2014 I am baffled by all the glowing reviews. I bought 5. Two fell apart almost immediately. The other 3 are fine as deck decoration/conversation pieces, but I'm back to USING the plastic swatters I've had for years.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for posting a review on the Old Fashioned Fly Swatters. We are sorry to hear that you aren't happy with them. Please feel free to return them using the return label which was included in the package. If you are in need of one, let us know and we will get it right out to you. Again, we apologize for the inconvenience.
  • These were a HIT

    Belinda, 12/29/2013 These flyswatters brought back a lot of memories for my father-in-law. He can't wait until spring time to get swatting. Very good quality.
  • Fly Swatters

    John Clarke, 12/29/2013 If you are purist and you like authenticity like me, you don't care much to have a plastic flyswatter laying about all summer. These things matter. Thanks for offering this product.
  • Just like the ones I remembered

    Barb, 12/28/2013 These are just like the flyswatters I remember from my youth --lightweight and good to have a few to scatter them around the house. --Only complaint is they bend very easily so best to store on a hook.
  • Great Flyswatters

    Carolie, 11/8/2013 These are great flyswatters. My husband's grandmother had some like this and they really worked well. The only reason I didn't give them 5 stars was because they don't have holes drilled in the wooden handles so you can hang them up.
  • This makes Grandma Happy

    Paul Snyder, 10/14/2013 Grandma would never buy a fly swatter that wasn't made with window screen. She was right! These work far better than the plastic jobs.
  • Real Fly Swatter

    Bad Marples, 10/12/2013 For years I've wished that I had a fly swatter like my Granddad had. I've seen yours in your catalogs, and thought I should order some. Well, I finally did, and I'm glad. They work great. I got 5, so both of our children are going to have one for Christmas, too. They won't have to wish they had a great fly swatter like I did.
  • Rest in Peace

    Flies!, 10/4/2013
  • Swanky Swatter

    Sandy Michael, 9/27/2013 These swatters have style and are great at getting the job done. I paint the wood and they become functional art as well. They beat anything in the local market for sure!
  • Flies fear me...

    James Moodie, 9/23/2013 I hate flies and I hate plastic fly swatters. I now have a tool that puts me on a more even footing with even the quickest insects. You can also carve the body count into the attractive wooded handle. Now if I just had a holster...
  • I am glad to have this item

    Ken Bitzer, 9/11/2013 This item is made in the USA does it's job and holds up for another day! I am tired of swatting at fly's only to miss because the cheaply made box store ones from China bend so easy. Thank you USA for another Great Product.
  • Old-Fashioned Works

    Chuck Stewart, 9/5/2013 There is no shortage of flying insects of all types this Summer in North Carolina, and the plastic style swatters are just not up to the task. These Old-Fashioned swatters are what I remember as a kid in Kentucky and they make short work of what gets in the house. Sometimes, the old-fashioned way of doing things is simply the best.
  • Wonderful Fly Swatter

    Betty Johnson, 8/27/2013 I have looked for years, literally, to find a functional swatter like this. I am, to say the least, extremely pleased. I would recommend this to everyone and anyone.
  • Old Fashion Fly Swater

    Bill Franze, 7/30/2013 I am 81 yrs young and it is a joy to find an item built the old way and not with plastic. This swatter kills more flies per swat then any plastic one I bought before. So now it Garrett Wade before anyone else, if they don't have it I don't buy it.
    Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner July 2013 Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner. Congratulations, Bill!!
  • Heavy Artillery

    J. Swanger, 6/21/2013 These are brilliant! I was initially concerned by the wire shaft above the wooden handle, but these are more like bars than wires-- they let the swatter flex just a little on impact to spare your hand and the swatter, but they don't bend. The mesh is heavy and has a tight enough weave to take care of fruit flies if you're so inclined. These deliver some serious damage-- I'm very impressed.
  • Good not great

    Blue.Streak, 11/17/2012 These do a nice job, and they are better than the cheap plastic ones you see everywhere. But the fastening system holding the fabric on the handle is just staples. And 3 of the 5 in my order had incompletely closed staples that I had to hammer down. It looks to me like longer, more substantial staples and a little more care in placing them would help a lot.
  • Best Buy Yet!!!

    S Lane, 10/24/2012 Best swatter ever!!! Almost shot the husband when he said he spent $40 on fly swatters. I am in love now! Husband forgiven. One easy swat is all it takes. No more flies going through those plastic ones. We gave 2 away to friends and they love them too!!! Highly recommend.
    Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner October 2012 Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner. Congratulations, Susan!!
  • Smackabug

    Bill Regan, 12/2/2011 Forget sprays and lotions. Face those irritating insects, eyeball to multiple eyeballs, and smack 'em down. This is the fly swatter to do it.
  • Better Then Any Other

    Swatter John, 4/10/2011 These fly swatters are the best I have ever seen. Being from Santa Fe, I know flies. I also know 100 ways to break a fly swatter. These have stood up, taken the test and passed with flying colors.
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