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Real Old-Fashioned Fly Swatter
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Real Old-Fashioned Fly Swatter

Buy 5 & Save: $13.75
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19S15.21 Real Old-Fashioned Fly Swatter
In Stock $7.95 $6.50  
19S15.30 Bunch of 5 Fly Swatters
In Stock $39.75 $26.00  
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This is the way your grandparents remembered this essential tool of summer. No awful flimsy plastic handle. Wire frame, wood handle, strong mesh with sewn edges. Looks like it will last, and it will. Plus it looks really neat.

Get five at a time. Save about $7 and spread them around to your family and friends.

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Overall Rating :5 
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5  - 
Insect Weaponry
Reviewed By:   (Wichita, KS) 
No one likes the idea of using a flyswatter but this one could change my mind. These manufacturers take their insect assault seriously. Now if it only had a nonstick coating...

5  - 
Fly Swatter
Reviewed By:   (So Lake Tahoe, CA) 
Very well made product. Much better than others on the market today.

3  - 
Effective But Not That Durable
Reviewed By:   (Nashville, TN) 
Form: These are wire mesh with a thick canvas edging sewn around the perimeter. The mesh is wrapped around the metal extending out from the handle and stapled onto a triangular paper piece (the white part with the red "COMBRICHON" printed on it). While it looks vintage-y, it's certainly not craftsmanship of the highest order. Function: I'm embroiled in a war with the fruit flies in my kitchen, so I have been using this vigorously every day. For regular flies, it works slightly better than a cheap plastic swatter; for fruit flies, it works far better. There is serious carnage in my kitchen. Sadly, after less than a week, the wire mesh is already split along the edge near the handle (presumably because it undergoes the most bending there as I wind up to whack another pest). Admittedly, I've been hitting pretty hard and using it a lot, but I'm still disappointed. Back to using magazines!

5  - 
Finally Found It!
Reviewed By:   (Simpsonville, SC) 
For years, I have been disgusted with the steady decline in quality of the flyswatters that are being offered by the 'big box' stores. Yes, they are inexpensive but that is exactly what they are. CHEAP. I was surprised when I found these being offered by Garrett Wade and was even more pleased when I received them. They are of the quality that I remember as a child (in the dark ages) and I expect them to last for years. Thank you Garrett Wade for continuing to support quality manufacturers.

5  - 
The Hit of Christmas
Reviewed By:   (Jamestown, Ohio) 
I never expected my wife to be so thrilled with these fly swatters. Everyone that came over she had to show these off the quality of these. Which led to a demonstrate on me! Thank you for putting a smile on my wife's face this Christmas.

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