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Clearance Reversible Ratchet Drivers
Fingertip Control
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19B01.08 1/4" Fingertip Hex Driver

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Specially made for us, this is a unique color-coded set of 3 FingerTip Socket Starters. Sized 1/4", 3/8", and 1/2", they fit all commonly available hex nut and bolt sockets. Snap-on/snap-off. They are, hands down, the fastest way to start sockets - whether the working space is tight or not. Snug the nut up fast with finger-power.

The standard set of 3 (1/4", 3/8", and 1/2" square) will cover every socket in your inventory. Also available as an accessory is a Special 1/4" Hex Driver (chrome) that will fit every hex bit available (you probably have dozens). Complete the set of 4 for a few dollars more. What great tools these are.

Note: We currently only have the 1/4" Hex Driver in stock.
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  • Handy as a shirt pocket!

    Jay Brooks, 12/25/2016 These things are great. I got them as a gift for my son-in-law and he can consider himself lucky that I didn't keep them for myself. I will be ordering some for me soon.
  • Hand held ratchets

    Barry Shaver, 9/8/2016 We all have been in the tough spot where we needed something smaller, but with the need for something strong enough to handle the situation. These small hand held ratchets are just the ticket.
  • Light weight, Smooth operating 72-Tooth finger ratchets with knurled color-coded Aluminum finger wheels. Made in Taiwan.

    Richard L. Baty, 10/27/2014 There are no sets available similar to the Garret Wade. The Cal-Van finger ratchets are somewhat similar in design with aluminum finger wheels and 72-Tooth ratchets. The Cal Van devices are dual drives and do not have a 1/2 Inch drive. This set of four drivers is hard to beat for comfort, smooth 72-tooth operation, flexibility, and quality. The ratchet mechanism of the Garrett Wade is also typical of the Titan and Am-Pro devices. The Garrett Wade Finger Tip Drivers use the Titan, Cal-Van and Am-Pro type ratchet mechanism using the ratchet direction knob secured by Torex drive screw. All of the drivers are relatively light in weight. The finger wheels are all aluminum and color coded as to the drive type. The finger wheels all have diamond checkering with un checkered outer edges and no sharp edges exposed on the finger wheel. The checkering is not sharp. The finger wheel gear is press fit into the finger wheel and is polished chrome. The socket and bit holders are black oxide coated. The ratchet direction knob is black plastic. The Torex drive screw securing the knob is black oxide coated. All of the drivers have the name "Garrett Wade" stenciled on the finger wheel in white ink. The drivers are all very light in weight and have 72 Teeth ratchet mechanisms. The 1/2 Inch driver has a maximum diameter of 1.772-Inches and the others have a maximum diameter of 1.419 inches. The width of the finger wheel on all devices is 0.374 inches. The drivers are all about 1 inch in length except for the 1/2 Inch driver which is a little over 1.2-Inches in length. These devices are ideal for electronics repair, light duty home projects, and any application where low torque fine control under relatively clean conditions are needed. They are not ideally suited for Automotive applications. As Palm ratchets they are good for the application of 15 Inch-Pounds of torque or less except for the 1/2-Inch drive which is good for the application of up to 30 Inch-Pounds. The knurling will probably be a little rough on the hands at these torques. If you find the knurling too sharp a little work with 400 grit wet or dry sandpaper will smooth the peaks out. I used this technique on some Titan and Cal-Van spinners with good results. There were no operational anomalies, and any initially rough action of the ratchet smoothed out with use. The seal against contaminants is very good. The socket is retained in the 1/4-Inch drive with some wobble. These devices are Not for brute force applications. If you want to spin the lug bolts of your car I suggest the IPA 7903 1/2-Inch drive (being discontinued from Garret Wade). The key features to look for when considering a Finger Ratchet, Thumbwheel ratchet, speed ratchet or palm Ratchet are: Ratchet or non-ratchet selection, number of teeth in ratchet, Force required to operate ratchet, Diameter of finger driver, overall length, contour of finger wheel, texture of finger wheel, pliability of finger wheel, whether a dual driver is needed, quick release function, and resistance to automotive contaminants. The fit of the parts is important for function and seal against contamination. The presence of sharp edges is important for comfort and preventing injury. The materials used are important for quality and durability. Workmanship is also important for quality and durability. The ability to apply limited torque with the device is important. The amount of effort used to install and remove a socket is important for usefulness. Whether the socket is retained without wobble (especially important in 1/4 square drive) is important. The method of retention of any bit driver present must be evaluated for usefulness. The durability of any markings on the ratchet must be evaluated. The accuracy of the description of the ratchet is should be evaluated against what was received. It should be noted whether the ratchet as received is ready to use or required repair before use. The importance to be applied to these factors depends on the individual and the use intended.
  • I Wish I Had These Years Ago

    Jim Fletcher, 3/31/2014 These are amazingly useful tools! I bought them primarily to operate a tap wrench that has a 3/8 drive fitting on it, and of course a ratchet wrench is simply the wrong tool to use on a 10-32 tap. But this little knob allows me to keep the tap centered and apply the right amount of torque to get the job done perfectly! Not to mention how easy it is to back the tap out when I'm done."
  • Handy Dandy

    Joel, 3/17/2014 This is a great little set for tight spaces and general use. The different sizes make it extremely handy.
  • Great Niche Filler

    Leigh, 1/3/2014 These are great for that rare but o'so frustrating cases when the regular wrench just will not fit! The 1/4 and 3/8 inch drives are useful but I haven't needed the 1/2 drive yet. They work well and are of fine quality.
  • Handy Tool To Have

    Marsha, 1/2/2014 Bought two sets for my brothers and they were thrilled when they saw their gifts. May have to get a third set for myself.
  • Great Idea

    Bo, 12/2/2013 Used to hit my fingers against everything when my hand slipped. These have saved me from buying lots of band aids.
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